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Dear Gov. Pataki:

As an advanced practice RN and chronic lyme disease victim (5 years), I am requesting your humanitarian efforts to undue the injustice that is occurring in New York state.

At least two NY MDs are facing the loss of their practice: Dr. Horowitz who has been penalized for treating extremely ill chronic lyme patients and Dr. Burascano who has dedicated his life and career to treating the "lepers" of today's medical society (chronic lyme patients who were once productive professionals desperately needed by the society for their own unique skills and who now are at the mercy of physicians who refuse to not only acknowledge the suffering but also the disease).

There is treatment for spirochettal infections as well as protozoal infections contracted from ticks and called "lyme" disease. Sometimes the treatment is effective in the shorter term, sometimes in the longer term and, sadly, sometimes the person must brave the disease until the infirmity minimizes life's existence to a fraction of what was once known by the individual.

We need - right now - a kinder, gentler society that protects the rights of those physicians who choose to care for patients with emerging diseases. Western medical society has historically been parochialized and has always made pariahs of those who chose to practice outside its mainstream ...

Ironically enough, it was antibiotics that allowed the medical profession ... to become a sort of hallowed priesthood with a society who raised medical practitioners to near "holy" status.

Now it is the "fringe" practitioners who are trying to do something to help patients no ordinary MD would want in his/her practice (the lyme patient, the cfids patient, the fibromyalgic patient, the patient with an undetected prion disease not yet at the end stages) ...

The medical society of today will only change if people like you are willing to turn on the light for those in darkness and not to let that darkness and the concomitant fear create a cannibalistic environment whereupon the "mainstream" practitioners turn on those who keep their flashlights glowing.

Plagues will be the future as it is written both in medical journals and in the Bible. It will take the mighty, the courageous, the strong and most of all, the kind-hearted to take on what our children and their children must confront.

Please help our lyme literate doctors such as Burrascano and Horowitz keep the light glowing and help your own state keep lit the torch of free thought and hope. ''

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