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LETTER from ellenlu@webtv.net (6-11-01):

Those of us in the Lyme community who have been working so hard to fight OPMC [New York State's Office of Professional Medical Conduct] harassment of our doctors can feel good that our activism thus far has caused the OPMC to offer Dr. Horowitz a settlement that ultimately saves his license and permits him to continue treating Lyme disease.

We have no doubt that the OPMC has been out to revoke the licenses of Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Burrascano just as they revoked the license of Dr. Orens and just as licenses of Lyme literate doctors have been revoked by other medical licensing boards throughout the country.

Had we not mounted a protest of OPMC bias, they would have gotten away with this! ...

HOWEVER, the fact that Dr. Horowitz was ever placed in a position where he could conceivably lose his right to practice and treat Lyme patients is an outrage. The fact that Dr. Horowitz had been put under such unjust and unbearable pressure, when his only crime was to try to save thousands of sick people, is an outrage ...

We cannot forget that the only reason that the OPMC went after him in the first place is that he treats chronic Lyme disease.

We have to continue to press for investigations of the OPMC bias in Lyme disease AND we have to insist on a moratorium on any actions by the OPMC against any of our Lyme doctors ... ''

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