Manco EZ-Tear Tape for Angelic Sculptures

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Spencer's goal was to create ghostly figures which possessed angelic features. For the show, the sculptures are suspended from the ceiling and mounted to the floor, using different lighting schemes to create desired effects.

The PRESS, 7-14-99, By: Craig J. Heimbuch

"Manco continues their support for education and creative uses for their products

Manco, Inc., the Avon-based producer of adhesive tapes and other such products, takes pride in its dedication to education, imagination and the community. The company has always taken a special interest to the creative ways that people use their products. Recently the company has taken part in the melding of education and imagination by sponsoring a graduate student/assistant in Miami University's art department for his latest show.

Craig Spencer, a native of Lebanon, Ohio, has found a new and innovative use for Manco's EZ Tear packaging tape...sculpture. Spencer designed a process in which he wraps his friends and family in a layer of the tape with the adhesive facing out, and then one with adhesive facing in, forming a cocoon of perfect human form. He then makes an incision down the side of the cocoon, allowing his subject to escape and then seals the hole with a patch strip of the tape.

"He said that he used our product because it was perfectly clear," said Theresa Brixius, the public relations coordinator for Manco.

The result of the process is a ghostly and angelic figure which Spencer then mounts on the floor and hangs from the ceiling of the gallery. According to Brixius, the process takes only a few hours and about ten roles of tape per figure. Manco supported the artist by supplying two cases, or 100 roles, of their product.

"We hear of creative uses for Duck Tape and shelf liner all the time, said Brixius, "but this is the first time that anyone has come to us regarding our packaging tape."

The process of creating the sculptures includes the mummification of Spencer's friends and family in multiple layers of Manco EZ Tear Packaging Tape.

Manco's Duck Tape has long been a staple in American homes, but the innovative uses for the adhesive tape are relatively unknown. Duct tape is a basic tool used by astronauts in the NASA Space Program, it even helped save the lives of the astronauts aboard the Apollo 13 mission.

It is used to keep military helicopter blades from excessive wear and tear, and has even served to keep alligators from biting people while being captured. Manco takes great pride in the multi-faceted uses for their products, and is constantly accepting ideas from the public as to future ones ..."

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