City Officials as of 1-1-00

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Mayor James A. Smith

President Shaun Brady Agenda, etc.
At-Large JoAnne Easterday Safety, Parks, ADA
At-Large Thomas Wearsch Finance, Service, Economic Development, Planning Comission
Ward 1 Niels Jensen Finance, Parks, Economic Development
Ward 2 David Kaiser Safety, Service, Legal
Ward 3 Tim Nickum Safety, Service, Legal, Economic Development
Ward 4 Jack Kilroy Finance, Parks, Legal

Clerk of Council - Ellen Young

Assistant Clerk of Council - Gail Hayden

Law Director - Daniel P. Stringer

Acting Law Director - John A. Gasior

Finance Director - Robert F. Hamilton

Service Director - Gerald Plas

Zoning Enforcement Officer - Timothy Krugman

Chief Building Inspector - James P. Smith

Chief of Police - John Vilagi

Fire Chief - Frank Root, Jr.

Treasurer - Barbara Kraus

Consulting Engineer - Mike Bramhall

Planning Commission: Chairman - James Piazza, Paul Burik, James Malloy, Carolyn Witherspoon, Council Representative - Thomas Wearsch, Secretary - Dorrie Bommer

Board of Zoning and Building Appeals: Chairman - Cy Bliss, Kurt Schatschneider, Randy Fratianne, James Gemelas, Chauncey Miller

Parks and Recreation Commission: David Mast - Chairperson, John Aunspaw, Keith Furnas, Jo Anne Easterday - Council's Representative, John Pickering, Annette Schwartz, Richard Ventura, Angie Marsiglia

ADA Grievance Board: ADA Coordinator - Karen Meyers, Michael Haag - Chairman, Sharon Kratt - Secretary, Pat Kelley, Jan Keinberg, Marge Spatafore, Jo Anne Easterday - Council's Representative, Margaret Calvey

1998 Officials

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