City Officials as of January, 2002

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Mayor James A. Smith 440-937-7803

Mayor's Secretary Leny Smith 440-937-7805

Finance Director Robert Hamilton 440-937-7806

Assistant Finance Director June Mitchell 440-937-7807

Account Clerk Randi Simkovich 440-937-7808

Clerk Assistant Janet Knight 440-937-7800

Clerk of Council Ellen Young 440-937-7821

Assistant Clerk of Council Gail Hayden 440-937-7834

Chief Building Official James P. Smith 440-937-7813

Building Clerk(s) Sheri Nicola, Sheila Wilson, Jeanne DiFrancisco 440-937-7811

Planning Commission Clerk Dorothy Bommer 440-937-7823

Zoning Enforcement Officer Tim Krugman 440-937-7810

A.D.A. Coordinator Karen Meyers 440-937-7822

Utilities Superintendent David Conrad 440-937-5714

Utilities Supervisor Cynthia Tomlin 440-937-5715

Utilities Clerk Fran Sikora 440-937-5740

Service Director Jerry Plas 440-937-5766

Law Director John Gasior 440-934-7676

Safety Director Robert Allen 440-937-7803

Parks Director Jerry Galant 440-934-4852

Police Chief Chief John Vilagi 440-934-1210

Fire Chief Chief Frank Root Jr., 440-934-1222

Service Department Secretary Loretta Stockard 440-937-5729


President of Council Thomas L. Wearsch, 440-934-6257

Clerk of Council Ellen Young 440-937-7821

At-Large JoAnne Easterday 440-934-6951

At-Large Jack Kilroy Jack Kilroy 440-937-6709

Ward 1 Mark Julius 440-934-5239

Ward 2 Carol Hartwig 440-934-2207

Ward 3 Timothy Nickum 440-937-6657

Ward 4 Gerald Gentz 440-937-6951

Chairmen of Council Committees:

Kilroy is chairperson of the finance committee,

Easterday is chairperson of the safety committee,

Nickum is chairperson of the service committee,

Hartwig is chairperson of the parks and recreation committee,

Gentz is chairperson of the legal committee and

Julius is chairperson of the economic development committee.

Wearsch is council's representative to the planning commission,

Easterday is council's representative to parks and recreation,

Hartwig is council's representative to French Creek Development Association,

Julius and Easterday are council's representatives to the firefighter's dependents fund,

Kilroy is council's representative to Northeast Lorain County Social Services,

Nickum is council's representative to the senior citizen's advisory commission,

Gentz is council's representative to the ADA review board.

Fax Number for Council 440-937-7835


Chairman Jim Piazza 440-937-5255

Secretary Dorrie Bommer 440-937-7823

Ann Forthofer 440-934-4879

James Malloy 440-937-0055

Carolyn Witherspoon 440-937-5815

Council's Representative Thomas Wearsch 440-934-6257


Chairman Randy Fratianne 440-934-6351

Secretary Dorrie Bommer 440-937-7823

Chauncey Miller 440-934-5255

Dennis McBride 440-934-0593

Kurt Schatschneider 440-934-6182

Richard Schneider 440-937-5395


Chairman James Schmitz 440-937-5436

Co-Chair Patricia Bahas 440-934-2339

Recording Secretary Helen Mutchler 440-937-4046

Corresponding Secretary Diane Fischer 440-934-6486

Treasurer Helen Schatschneider 440-937-5075

Membership Chair Harry Geaslen 440-937-2130

Council's Representative Timothy Nickum 440-937-6657

Consulting Engineer -- Mike Bramhall 440-934-7878

Parks and Recreation Commission:

Councils Rep - JoAnne Easterday 934-6951

School Board Rep - not named yet

William B Elliot - 937-6397

Keith Furnas - 934-6228

Annette Schwartz

Michael Stump - 937-6823

Rick Ventura - 934-5104

ADA Grievance Board:

Karen Meyers - Chair 937-7822

Council's Rep - Gerald Gentz 937-6951

Pat (Patricia) Kelley - 937-6661

Sharon Kratt - 937-5637

Northeast Lorain County Social Services Rep - Janet Strickland 949-8146

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