An Avon Lake Experience With Towers

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NEWS ARTICLE from THE MORNING JOURNAL, 6-2-99, By SARAH FENSKE, Morning Journal Writer

"Cell tower project angers residents

Air Touch plans 185-foot structure

AVON LAKE -- About 50 residents packed last night's Planning Commission meeting to protest a proposed 185-foot cellular phone tower to be constructed on high school property.

AirTouch Cellular asked the planing board to delay taking any action on the issue until July when the company could provide an attorney and company engineer to address residents' concerns.

Jack Lach, whose house is just behind the high school on Carriage Lane, said many residents received a letter about the tower on Saturday and came to speak against it.

''They say there are no negative results to cell towers, but what are the good results? Who's benefiting? Not the residents,'' said Lach, who predicted that the tower would lower property values and create a neighborhood eyesore.

Some residents also were angry that the city had not publicized the issue more.

One man complained the city only notified residents who lived within a 300-foot radius of the tower. ''All the residents of Avon Lake should be notified,'' he said, as many in attendance applauded.

The issue will likely be again on the Planing Commission agenda for its July 6 meeting. Mayor Vince Urbin indicated he will meet with the concerned residents before the meeting ..."


"This could be the start of something bad, and I certainly hope the Avon Lake Board of Education takes notice. I am of course referring to the 185-foot telecommunications tower that is proposed to be built at the Avon Lake High School football field ...

In this case, the outcome of $15,000 plus a year in additional income could cause a rift that might never be mended. Support for school levies, bond issues ...

To the residents I urge a different approach to health hazards, property values, etc. Simply put, just tell these well meaning people you don't want this tower in your neighborhood ..."

NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 9-1-01, By CRAIG RIMLINGER, Morning Journal Writer

``Avon Lake cell phone tower urged

AVON LAKE -- Two years after vigorous opposition blocked the prospect of a cellular phone tower being built in Avon Lake, Mayor Rob Berner is proposing to allow a tower so that it can also improve communications for safety forces.

Berner said he has received three proposals from companies interested in building a tower either behind the Safety Center on Walker Road or behind the city's service garage on Avon Belden Road ...

Berner said Avon Lake paramedics use cellular phones to communicate with local hospitals and that along Lake Road between Lear and Moore Roads, cellular calls are very difficult if not impossible, a point supported by Fire Chief Mark Aufdenkampe.

''Having some sort of a cell tower somewhere in the city would really give us better reach along Lake Road,'' said Aufdenkampe ...

No timeline has been established except for ''sooner than later,'' said Berner.

In 1999, AirTouch Cellular proposed placing a cellular tower on the high school grounds. Neighboring residents vehemently opposed it and packed the meetings held to address the issue.

The next year, the Board of Utilities rejected a proposal to place a 150-foot pole on land the Municipal Utilities Department owns at Electric Boulevard and Glenview Drive. A local church had also been approached and declined.''

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