Minutes of the French Creek Development Association, 10-5-04

The meeting was called to order by President Carol Hartwig at 7:30PM at the Avon Community Center

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Carol Hartwig, Dorrie Bommer, Lauren Davis, John Eldred, Michelle Braunscheidel, Carolyn Beck, Paul Burik, Jerry Gentz, Tom Wible, Jack Smith, Tim Nickum

GUESTS AT MEETING: No Guests present


The Minutes from the September 7th meeting were reviewed. Paul made a motion to approve the minutes and Jack seconded-the minutes were approved by membership.


*John distributed a financial report through 10/5/04

. John will report back to us regarding all the details of merging the French Creek Development Association and the French Creek Foundation

*Paul made a motion to approve the Treasurer's Report and Jack seconded-the Treasurer's Report was approved by membership.



Dues: Corporate/Business: $100, Individual: $15, Patron: $250

Meeting Notices in Local Papers-Monthly Basis Done

Newsletters (Quarterly newsletters and sponsors needed-$80 Sponsorship)

-The Mailing list has been updated and given to Tom

-Dorrie will get additional names for Avon businesses

-Next Sponsor: Tom Hricovec's Construction Company for helping us with the Little League Monument

French Creek Association Meetings (Jack)

Jack mentioned that Candlelight Walk Weekend will be 12/3/04-12/5/04

Santa will be at the Gazebo on Saturday December 4th at 6PM per Carol.

Cats Meow (Michelle)

*Michelle received the line drawing for the Lewis House

*The ship date will be 2-3 weeks after final approval.

*Minimum order is 72 pieces @ $7.80 each-we sell Cats Meows for $15 each

*Re-orders are minimum order of 60 pieces

*Paul made a motion to approve the expenditure of Cats Meows up to $600 for all fees including shipping and approved text on the back of the Lewis House and Jack seconded..the motion was approved and passed by membership

Update on Landmarks Preservation Commission (Carol)

-Carol reported that letters will be mailed out to homeowners that were on the survey next week.

-Next meeting is 10/27/04 at 7:30PM at City Hall-the homeowners will be invited

Book On Avon (Michelle)

There was a nice write up in the Sun last week regarding the book. The deadline for the public to submit photos of Avon has been extended until 11/1/04 Arcadia Publishing liked some of our photos we selected for the book cover The committee will meet with Michelle in December-date TBA

Landscaping Project for the Little League Park

-Paul reported that the Foundation is in already

-The ball should be manufactured by the end of this month

-Jerry Gentz spoke with the Mayor and Jerry Plas and they may be able to have someone from the City pick up the ball using City's equipment

-Paul ordered the dedication plaque

Northgate Park Flower Box

-Jerry will speak with the Lion's Club in February to see if they can work on sending out letters to the organizations who currently have a flower box in the park to see if they can spruce up their flowers/plants. The Lion's Club sponsors the Fishing Derby around this time and that would be a great time to beautify the park.

Golf Outing (Mike V)

Mike V and Michael Beck will work on the details of organizing the golf outing. We will Discuss next month

Water Bottles (Carol)

-We have 15 cases left

-Members please call Mike V to make arrangements to pick up water and then send checks for $12 per case for payment to John

Avon Isle Update-(Carol)

-The LPC consultant has advised Carol that he has given a proposal to the Mayor regarding Avon Isle. The cost to get Avon Isle listed on the National Registry is approximately $6,000.

Lorain County Beautiful Awards- (Carol)

-Our nominees include: French Creek Square, Avon Oaks Nursing Home, Blackwell Barn, Old Town Hall and Fire Station


No New Business

-Next Meeting will be held November 9th at 7:30PM at Old Town Hall due to elections being held at the Lions Community Center on November 2nd.*


Michelle made a motion to adjourn the meeting and John seconded-the motion was passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:25PM




*NOTE: We all received an e-mail from Carol stating the Lorain County Beautiful Awards Dinner will be November 4th at Avon Oak Country Club.

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