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    2007 Avon General Election

    Source: LorainCounty.com, LLC

    Avon 2007 General Election

    The following are the 2007 General Election Avon Candidates/Issues as released by the Lorain County Board of Elections.

    Council At Large (Elect 3)

    Kevin Patrick Flanigan, II 1,764

    Brian Parsons 1,395

    Web Site: www.ParsonsForAvon.com

    Clinton S. Pelfrey 1,861

    Craig Witherspoon 1,950 New Council President

    1st Ward Council: Bryan K. Jensen 742

    2nd Ward Council: Dennis McBride 622

    3rd Ward Council: Timothy Nickum (deceased)

    replaced by Mark Yonchak on 11-5-07

    4th Ward Council: Daniel C. Urban 608

    Avon Local School District (Elect 2)

    Rudolph Chavez 976

    Web Site: www.myspace.com/chavezforavonschools

    Ruth Ann Keller 1,574

    Mary Angela Marsiglia 1,587

    Kevin J. Romanchok 1,710


    #29 Avon Replacement and Decrease/ 1.90 mills, Street Improvements, 5 years

    No. 29 For: 2,647 Against: 1,072

    #30 Avon Charter Amendment Ordinance No. 71-07, Amending Article XIII, Sections 7(a) and 7(c) entitled "General Provisions - Charter Review"

    This amendment gives the Charter Review Selection Committee sole authority regarding selection of Charter Review Commission members and removes approval by City Council. [In effect this gives the Mayor the power to appoint the Charter Review Commission because the majority of the members of the Selection Committee are appointed by the Mayor. If this charter amendment is defeated, Council will continue to appoint the Charter Review Commission.]

    No. 30 For: 2,319 Against: 899

    #31 Avon Charter Amendment Ordinance No. 72-07, Amending Article IV, Section 3(a) entitled "President of Council - Separate Office"

    This Charter amendment has the Council President selected from the At Large Councilpersons by Council as a Whole. [At present, the Council President is selected by the vote of the people.]

    No. 31, For: 2,555 Against: 857

    #32 Avon Charter Amendment Ordinance No. 73-07, Amending Article VIII, Section 5 entitled "Public Bidding"

    [Raises the no-bid limit from $5,000 to $10,000]

    No. 32, For: 2,072 Against: 1,389

    #33 Avon Charter Amendment Ordinance No. 74-07, Amending Article V, Section 4 entitled "Director of Public Safety"

    This Charter Amendment removes the following language: "The Director of Public Safety shall make all necessary rules and regulations for the government of the Department of Public Safety." [In effect, this allows other persons, such as the Police Chief and Fire Chief to make the rules, although no line of responsibility is spelled out.]

    No. 33, For: 2,559 Against: 913

    #34 Avon Charter Amendment Ordinance No. 75-07, Amending Article VI, Section 3 concerning Civil Service Commission

    The general law of Ohio, except the Constitution, shall not apply to the civil service of this city.

    No. 34, For: 2,161 Against: 1,058

    #35 Avon Amendment Resolution No R-27-07, Amendment to Section 880.03(a) of Codified Ordinances and Section 880.29(a) Relating to rate of income tax and income tax credit in order to provide funding for a new recreational facility and declaring an emergency

    No. 35, For: 2,171 Against: 1,557

    2007 Lorain County Issues

    #24 Lorain County Renewal/ 0.60 mill, Mental Health

    No. 24, For: 37,965 Against: 21,029

    #25 Lorain County Referendum on Ordinance No. 07-150, County Sales Tax

    No. 25, For: 11,568 Against: 46,280

    Top -- Home


    Lorain County 2009 General Election Guide


    #1 - Veterans Bonus

    #1 Yes 60,357 2,052,277 No 20,501 796,768

    #2 - Livestock Standards Board, [The Cleveland Animal Protective League says Issue 2 would not be good for farm animals, as the 13-member appointed board would include just one humane officer.

    Issue 2 was drafted immediately after the Humane Society of the United States met once with agribusiness leaders here and proposed phasing out the use of crates and cages that don't allow veal calves, pigs and chickens to move naturally.]

    #2 Yes 50,156 1,829,528 No 30,664 1,033,156

    #3 - Casino, Authorizing a single casino within each of four designated cities

    #3 Yes 49,364 1,550,373 No 32,081 1,372,351

    #4 - Lorain County Sales Tax increase of 1/2%, supporting criminal & administrative services

    #4 For 34,396 Against 47,014

    #6 - Avon City Bond Issue 0.91 mill [$10.5 million], Acquiring land & construction of new library, 25 years

    #6 For 1,910 Against 4,031

    #7 - Avon City Additional 2.31 mills [$1.75 million per year], Current Expenses of Avon Branch of Lorain Public Library System, Continuing

    #7 For 2,029 Against 3,929

    #8 - Avon City Ward 4 Precinct A Local Option, Particular Use (Martin's Corner Deli), Sunday Sales, 10 a.m. to Midnight

    #8 Yes 386 No 122

    #25 - Avon Local School District Renewal, 1.21 mills, Emergency Requirements, 10 Years

    #25 For 3,888 Against 2,130


    Avon Local School District - Board of Education

    (Elect 3)

    Susan Harrison 2,557

    Debra C. Polovich 2,022

    Scott Radcliffe 2,791

    Greg Tilton 2,079

    John P. Weigman 2,135

    Avon Local School District - Board of Education

    (Elect 1 unexpired term ending 12/31/11)

    Art Goforth 3,371





    James A. Smith 4,741

    Council At Large

    (Elect 3)

    Steven M. Balmert 619

    Mary Berges 2,018

    Kevin Patrick Flanigan II 1,686

    Cinton S. Pelfrey 2,345

    Gary Smitek 1,470

    Jozsef Szilagyi 513

    Craig Witherspoon 2,622

    Dan Zegarac 2,227

    1st Ward Council

    Bryan K. Jensen 1,213

    2nd Ward Council

    Dennis McBride 899

    3rd Ward Council

    Brian Parsons 310

    Kevin M. Ward 412

    Mark M. Yonchak 330

    4th Ward Council

    Daniel C. Urban 1,067



    The Lorain County Board of Elections is located at 1985 North Ridge Rd., East, in Sheffield Township (northwest corner of North Ridge Rd. and Clinton Ave.)

    Lorain County Board of Elections

    1985 North Ridge Rd., East

    Lorain, OH 44055

    Ph. 440 326-5900 or Ph. 440 326-5901

    General Fax 440 326-5931


    Absentee Voting

    Mail to: Lorain Co. Board of Elections

    Absentee Department

    1985 North Ridge Rd., East

    Lorain, OH 44055

    If you are a regular absentee voter, you may use the application form prescribed by the Secretary of State (Form 11-A) to apply for your absentee ballot. If you choose not to use the prescribed form, your written application need not be in any particular format, but it must contain all of the following information:

    1. Your name;

    2. Your legal signature;

    3. The address at which you are registered to vote;

    4. Your date of birth;

    5. One of the following items showing proof of your identification:

    (a) Your Ohio driver's license number; or

    (b) The last four digits of your Social Security number; or

    (c) A copy of your current and valid photo identification, military identification, or a current (within the last 12 months) utility bill (including cell phone bill), bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and current address (including from a public college or university). (Note: You cannot use a notice that the board of elections mailed to you as proof of identification.);

    6. A statement identifying the election for which you are requesting an absentee voter's ballot;

    7. A statement that you are a qualified elector; ["I hereby declare, under penalty of election falsification, that I am a qualified voter."]

    8. If the request is for a partisan primary election ballot, your political party affiliation; and

    9. If you want the ballot to be mailed, the address to which you want it mailed.


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 10-16-09, By MEGAN ROZSA, mrozsa@MorningJournal.com

    ``ELECTION: Two incumbents, three challengers vie for Avon Board of Education

    AVON -- Five candidates are running to fill three seats on the Avon Board of Education. Two candidates are incumbents Susan Harrison and Debra Polovich. The challengers are Scott Radcliffe, John Weigman and Greg Tilton. This is a four-year term.

    * Harrison, of Williams Court, has served the board for the past eight years. She said she hopes voters will continue to support her ...

    She said she would work to be efficient and focused to the economic pressures that face Avon residents and to be credible and open in her communication to parents and other residents.

    Harrison manages and owns Harrison Kennels. She has also served on the Avon Parks and Recreation Board for seven years.

    * Polovich, of Jaycox Road, is running for re-election because she wants to continue to keep Avon excellent, she said.

    "Being a team player for 15 plus years, we have built three new schools, updated the others and the high school athletic fields," she said ...

    She is a purchasing agent for University Hospital. Polovich has been with the school board for 18 years. She is currently the vice president.

    * Radcliffe is interested in running because he wants to see continued improvements for Avon students ...

    One issue he feels is most important is communication. "Parents need a direct path for communicating to the school board and trusting the board to be accountable for their actions," Radcliffe said. "With the proposed development of the new middle school, citizens of Avon need people who can be trusted to listen to their concerns and who will work to develop the best schools for the children."

    Radcliffe is a manager at Berrington Pumps & Systems, a family-run business in Avon. He is a member of the Avon Continuous Improvement Plan Committee.

    * Weigman is running for election because he has been increasingly impressed with the performance of the schools in the district ... "I believe that my background in engineering, finance ... will allow me to make good use of taxpayers' limited dollars."

    Weigman said the school's biggest issue is making sure it will be fiscally responsible in managing incoming growth. "We have tripled in size in the past 15 years and are adding 200 students per year to the district," ...

    Weigman works for the Lincoln Electric Co., and he is also a member of the Avon Parks and Recreation Commission.

    * Tilton, of Peregrine Drive, is running for the board because he is confident his skills can help address the district's expansion needs ...

    "My intention is to bring an open, intelligent, inclusive management and leadership style to the community to continue to improve on the success of the Avon school system," he said.

    Tilton is the senior vice president of operations at U.S. Cotton and has been involved with Avon's Continuous Improvement Plan Committee since 2007. He graduated from Kent State University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.''


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 10-16-09, By MEGAN ROZSA, mrozsa@MorningJournal.com

    ``ELECTION: Eight vie for three Avon council at large seats

    AVON -- Eight candidates are running for three council at large positions on Avon's City Council on Nov. 3. Three candidates include incumbents Clinton Pelfrey, Kevin Flanigan and council President Craig Witherspoon. The five challengers are Jozsef Szilagyi, Gary Smitek, Mary Berges, Dan Zegarac and Steve Balmert. This is a two-year term and the salary is increasing to $10,000 annually next year from $7,500.

    * Pelfrey, 44, of Avalon Court, has been on council since 2006. He said he is running for re-election because he feels he fairly represents all residents ...

    He believes the most important issue in his race is the ongoing development of Avon's nonresidential properties. "Avon has become a destination place. Businesses want to be here," Pelfrey said. "People want to live here and take advantage of our superior schools and great city." ...

    Pelfrey is the senior vice president and senior investment manager at Huntington Bank and is on the board for the Lorain County Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

    He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1988 with a degree in business administration in finance. He also graduated from the Widener University Graduate School of Business with an MBA in economics in 1994.

    * Witherspoon, 60, of Elizabeth Street, has served two terms on council and is currently the council president. He is running for re-election because he wants to continue serving the people of Avon and he feels his experience will be an asset in planning and maintaining successful growth.

    "My two terms as council at large and current council president have allowed me to see the start and finish of many projects that benefit the citizens of Avon," Witherspoon said. "But the work continues, the Interstate 90 interchange, the new YMCA and the Cleveland Clinic are just a few projects I would like to see completed as a member of Avon City Council." ...

    Witherspoon is a optician for Berris Optical. He graduated from Lorain County Community College in 1968 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

    * Flanigan, 37, of River Run, has served four years as a council at large member and said he is running for re-election to continue providing proactive leadership to the community ...

    "The city is moving in a positive direction and there are some amazing projects planned for next term, including the I-90 exit, SR 611, Cleveland Clinic, parks and a new city complex," Flanigan said ...

    Flanigan sells television commercials for local channels 19 and 43. He graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1995, is married and has a son.

    * Szilagyi, 58, of Colorado Avenue, has lived in Avon for 30 years and is making his first run for an elected position in the city ...

    His most important issue in this race is continuing to provide services to residents. "The fast pace growth is challenging the city's resources to keep up and meet the future needs," Szilagyi said. ... Szilagyi is a retired millwright, is married and has three children.

    * Smitek, 44, of Avalon Court, also has no previous political experience. He first became interested in running when council voted to put the library issue and bond on the ballot (Issues 6 and 7).

    "While I believe the library probably should be expanded, my research into other libraries in Ohio and standards in other states suggests that an expansion on existing library-owned land is much more fiscally prudent and would serve city needs for many years," Smitek said. "With an existing 10,400-square-foot library that is only 15 years old and in good condition, building new is irresponsible."

    He said he feels the biggest issue facing the city is compounding debt. "As an accountant with an MBA in finance, I am particularly troubled by Avon's recent tax and borrow spending binge," Smitek said. "If the library issues pass, we will have the fifth highest real estate taxes of the 63 jurisdictions in Lorain County."

    Smitek is a self-employed real estate developer and a certified public accountant. He graduated from Miami University in 1987 with a bachelor's degree in accounting and earned an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School. He is married and has two children.

    [LETTER to The Editor of The Morning Journal, 10-21-09, by Gary Smitek

    ``In a Lorain Public Library System press release in 2008, the library trumpets the fifth anniversary of the opening of the North Ridgeville library. Two astounding points are in the press release:

    The first is that the Lorain Public Library System built and paid for the beautiful 27,500-square-foot facility. That is correct; the library issued $4 million of bonds (library audited financial statements) to build the library. To put the deal together, the city of North Ridgeville leased 3.8 acres of land to the library for 100 years. The total cost was $4.7 million -- not a penny of which was paid for by North Ridgeville taxpayers ...

    The second interesting point is the cost. Previously, I had written that a fully furnished proposed new junior high school would cost around $168 per square foot. I have stated that a well-built school and a well-built library should cost about the same.

    When the Lorain Public Library System was spending its money on the North Ridgeville branch in 2003, the cost per square foot was $170.9, not the more than $320 per square foot cost, excluding land, that they want Avon citizens to spend for our library if the $10.5-million construction levy passes ...

    Vote no on Issues 6 and 7. If issue 6 fails, we don't need the $1.75 million operating levy of issue 7. The current $450,000 operating levy will remain in effect for two more years.'']

    * Berges, 56, of Ithaca Drive, is running for the seat because she is confident she can add value to the council. She does not have prior political experience, but has continuously attended council meetings for the past five years.

    "I believe in a common sense and practical approach to city government," Berges said. "Council should be more proactive in initiating ideas and proposals that will result in increased revenues, savings and improved services for our citizens."

    She feels the most important issue is to preserve the character, culture, ... and services in Avon in view of the rapid commercial and residential growth.

    "From a practical standpoint, the city needs enough revenue to support the increasing need for the infrastructure that growth requires," Berges said. "More industry, office buildings and retail developments result in more revenue for the city and lessens the need to tax the residents."

    Currently, Berges is a human resources consultant for Berges & Associates. She graduated from John Carroll University and Kent State University, is married and has two children.

    * Zegarac, 53 of Lake Drive, has lived in Avon for 47 years. He said it is important to him that the residents of Avon are represented properly ...

    The most important issue this November is the library levy and bond, he said. "I think that the voters could have been given more options to choose from in regard to possibly an addition on the existing library," Zegarac said ... He also believes proper management of the city's growth as it relates to the quality of life is important.

    In 1981, he was a member of the Avon Charter Review Commission. Zegarac is a sales manager at Ganley Chevrolet.

    Balmert, 41, of French Creek Road, does not have political experience, but is running because he feels he can bring a different approach to representing Avon residents ...

    "It is time to plan for the future infrastructure repairs that will be needed, which will be costly," Balmert said. "A large debt has accumulated due to the recreation complex. Council and the mayor will have to figure out a way to pay for all this without increasing taxes. One way is to expand the industrial and commercial base."

    Balmert is currently a test engineer at Rockwell Automation Inc. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1992, is married and has two children.''

    NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 10-20-09, By MEGAN ROZSA, mrozsa@MorningJournal.com

    ``AVON -- Three candidates are vying for the Avon Ward 3 council seat on Nov. 3: incumbent Mark Yonchak and challengers Brian Parsons and Kevin Ward. Council members serve a two-year term and earn $7,500 per year, but next year it will increase to $10,000 per year.

    * Yonchak, 43, of Birdie Lane, has been the Ward 3 councilman for two years. He was appointed to the position after councilman Tim Nickum died weeks before the 2007 election.

    An Avon resident since 1999, Yonchak wants to run for election because he said he finds working with the people in the community and solving problems rewarding. If elected, Yonchak said he wants to continue his momentum by finishing key programs he's had a hand in starting: sidewalk build out, city infrastructure plans and the development of the Nagel interchange ...

    When he's not serving on council, he is the director of information technology at Siemens IT, a global corporation that provides IT solutions to companies and customers. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1989 with a business administration bachelor's degree in accounting and from Cleveland State University in 2007 with a master's degree in accounting. He is married and has two sons ...

    * Parsons, 47, of Peregrine Drive, said he is concerned about the commercial development in Avon. He said the way the growth of the city is managed will shape the community and determine what sort of city Avon will become. Ward 3, he said, includes a very large portion of undeveloped commercial land in strategic areas such as SR 83 and Detroit Road.

    "I believe it is imperative that the Ward 3 councilman has the expertise to manage that growth," Parsons said. "Mismanaging it sets our city back and then you have delayed development."

    As a councilman, he said he wants to make sure his constituents are constantly informed ...

    Through the campaign race, Parsons will keep his Web site, www.parsonsforavon.com, up to date about current issues. If elected, he said he will continue to keep up the site, blog his thoughts on issues and have an exclusive e-mail newsletter available to any resident who wants to sign up ...

    [ www.parsonsforavon.com/

    "In my role serving on the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee, I helped write the plan that has brought $425,000 in grant funding and 133% increase in recycling to the City of Avon! The Ohio EPA calls this a model plan for the state of Ohio."

    Phone: (440)925-7900

    2245 Peregrine Drive, Avon Ohio 44011]

    "I get people who think I'm in the know because I ran for council two years ago. They don't know what's going on right now, and I don't think that's right."

    Parsons is the director of sales at Pandigital, which is a company that targets products to female customers such as digital picture frames. It is headquartered in Dublin, Calif.

    His political background includes serving the last 4 and 1/2 years as the chairman of the finance committee and vice chairman of the finance subcommittee for the Lorain County Solid Waste Policy Committee. He was involved in writing the new Solid Waste Policy for Lorain County that resulted in a large increase in recycling rates and reduction of solid waste going into landfills.

    Parsons attended The Ohio State University in 1980 and Ohio University in 1983. He is married and has a 7-year-old daughter.

    * Ward, 41, of Ithaca Drive, thinks the most important issue is managing the growth of Avon ...

    "There's a lot of challenges that go along with that type of thing like the continuing infrastructure in the city and competing interest in residential and business growth."

    The fact that Ward has no political background is what he feels sets him apart from the other candidates ...

    He has a bachelor of business administration in accounting degree from Cleveland State University and a master's degree from Boston University. Currently, Ward is a volunteer youth football and wrestling coach. He is a former Army captain. He is married and has three children.''

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    2010 Avon General Election


    Race: U.S. Senate

    Major candidates: Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Democrat, and former congressman and Bush administration official Rob Portman, Republican.

    What's at stake: One of Ohio's two seats in the Senate and the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans struggling for control of Congress. A shift in control could set back President Barack Obama's agenda, potentially affecting the health care overhaul, government oversight of industry, environmental regulation and taxes ...

    Races: Ohio seats in the U.S. House of Representatives

    Major candidates: All House seats are up for election, and at least four are in play in Ohio. In Northeast Ohio's 13th District, second-term Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton of Copley Township is challenged by Brecksville auto dealer Tom Ganley.

    In the adjacent 16th Congressional District, freshman Democratic Rep. John Boccieri is running against Republican Jim Renacci, a former Wadsworth mayor. Two downstate freshman Democrats face tough rematches with Republicans they defeated in 2008.

    In Cincinnati's 1st District, Rep. Steve Driehaus is running against Steve Chabot, who held the seat for 14 years.

    In Columbus' 15th District, Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy is battling former Ohio legislator Steve Stivers.

    What's at stake: Republicans hope that wins in Ohio will help them gain control of the House, which would put House GOP Leader John Boehner of southwest Ohio in the speaker's chair ...


    Race: Governor

    Major candidates: Incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland, Democrat, versus former Congressman John Kasich, Republican

    What's at stake: The highest elected state government office and a chance to influence the next presidential election in 2012 as Ohio again figures to be a bellwether state ...

    Race: Attorney general

    Major candidates: Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, Democrat, and former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, Republican.

    What's at stake: The post as the state's top lawyer and the resources of a small army of state attorneys that come with it ...

    Race: Auditor

    Major candidates: Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, a Democrat, and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost, a Republican.

    What's at stake: The auditor is the state's watchdog, examining government offices to make sure they are run efficiently. The auditor also has a seat on the state's Apportionment Board, a five-member panel that draws legislative districts every 10 years. The political makeup of the board determines which party will be favored when districts are redrawn next year ...

    Race: Secretary of state

    Major candidates: Republican State Sen. Jon Husted of the Dayton area, and Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O'Shaughnessy, a Democrat.

    What's at stake: The job of Ohio's elections chief and a crucial seat on the Apportionment Board ...

    Race: Treasurer

    Major candidates: Incumbent Treasurer Kevin Boyce, a Democrat, and State Rep. Josh Mandel, a Republican from Lyndhurst.

    What's at stake: A job as the state's top banker and a political stepping stone for two relatively young candidates who believe they can eventually win higher office ...

    Races: The Ohio House of Representatives

    Major candidates: All 99 seats are up for election, and three in Northeast Ohio are among the most hotly contested: Freshman Republican Rep. Nan Baker vs. Democratic former Rep. Jennifer Brady in the 16th District; Assistant County Prosecutor Kelli Perk, a Democrat, vs. Walton Hills Mayor Marlene Anielski, a Republican, in the open 17th District; and Democratic Rep. Matt Patten vs. Republican Mike Dovilla, a consulting firm owner, in the 18th District.

    What's at stake: Control of the Ohio House. The Ohio Senate will remain Republican-dominated, so can Democrats cling to a narrow seven-seat edge in the lower chamber, or will Republicans control the entire legislature? Depending on who is the next governor, control of the House could have huge implications ...

    Race: Chief justice, Ohio Supreme Court

    Major candidates: Incumbent Chief Justice Eric Brown, Democrat, and Justice Maureen O'Connor, Republican.

    What's at stake: A chance to be the court's first full-term leader in 24 years. Brown was appointed chief in April after the death of Thomas Moyer, who had held the post since 1986. He is the first Democrat on the all-Republican court since 2006. O'Connor is vying to be the first female chief in Ohio's history ...


    Here's a sample letter for requesting an absentee ballot:

    Your address

    Board of Elections

    Absentee Department

    1985 North Ridge Road East

    Lorain, OH 44055

    Dear Sirs:

    Please send an absentee ballot to me at the above address. I would like to vote in the November 2, 2010, election in Avon. My birthday is ___ ; the last 4 digits of my SS# are ____.

    I hereby declare, under penalty of election falsification, that I am a qualified voter.




    Issue 2: Avon Local School District Additional/ 5.90 Mills Emergency Requirements 10 Years

    Issue 16: Lorain County Children Services Replacement/ 1.5 Mills Providing expenditures for the support of children's services 5 Years

    Issue 17: Lorain County Community College Replacement of 1.50 mills with an increase of .30 mills equalling 1.8 mills Current Expenses 10 Years

    Issue 19: Avon Charter Amendment to rezone 36053 Detroit Road from residential to commercial




    Ted Strickland

    John Kasich

    Ken Matesz

    Dennis S. Spisak

    David L. Sargent II (write- in)


    Richard Cordray

    Mike DeWine

    Marc Allan Feldman

    Robert M. Owens


    David Pepper

    Dave Yost

    L. Michael Howard


    Maryellen O'Shaughnessy

    Jon Husted

    Charles R. Earl


    Kevin L. Boyce

    Josh Mandel

    Matthew P. Cantrell


    Lee Fisher

    Rob Portman

    Daniel H. LaBotz

    Eric W. Deaton

    Michael L. Pryce

    Arthur T. Sullivan (write- in)


    Marcy Kaptur

    Rich Iott

    Joseph Michael Jaffe (Withdrawn)


    Betty Sutton

    Tom Ganley


    Eric Brown

    Maureen O'Connor


    Mary Jane Trapp

    Judith Ann Lanzinger


    Paul E. Pfeifer


    Sue Morano

    Gayle L. Manning


    Dan Ramos

    Henry S. Lewandowski, Jr.


    Matt Lundy

    Rae Lynn Brady

    Josh R. Robertson


    Gregory S. Davidson

    Terry Boose

    Bob Williams


    Carla D. Moore

    William D. Wellemeyer


    Robert J. Brown

    Donna J. Carr


    Rita M. Rochford

    Beth Whitmore


    Joseph F. Koziura

    Tom Williams

    Mike Nunez

    Kirk E. Stewart


    Mark R. Stewart


    Joe Walter

    Kathleen A. McGervey

    Pam Haynam


    Christopher R. Rothgery


    Mark A. Betleski

    JUDGE OF THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS (1-2-11) (Domestic Relations)

    Jack Kilroy

    Debra L. Boros



    Election roundup: 99,557 ballots cast in Lorain County

    Filed by Brad Dicken November 3rd, 2010 in Election Results 2010.

    SHEFFIELD TWP -- Voter turnout Tuesday in Lorain County was 47.7 percent, according to county Board of Elections Director Paul Adams.

    A total of 99,557 voters cast ballots either Tuesday or by voting early either the mail or at the elections board's offices.

    Adams had hoped for a higher turnout and had predicted Monday that about 55 percent of the county's 207,227 registered voters would cast ballots.

    During the last gubernatorial election four years ago, turnout was about 54.5 percent and during the presidential election turnout was about 72.5 percent ...

    Contact Brad Dicken at bdicken@chroniclet.com.



    Republicans sweep to power in Ohio House; GOP adds two more in state senate

    Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2010, 12:18 AM

    Aaron Marshall, The Plain Dealer

    Rep. Bill Batchelder of Medina is expected to become Ohio's 101st House speaker with the GOP victory Tuesday.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- ... House Republicans rode an anti-incumbent wave to a resounding victory, sweeping Democrats from power in the Ohio House and bringing GOP control to both chambers of the state legislature.

    The Republican takeover of the Ohio House means that Rep. Bill Batchelder, the arch-conservative Medina Republican first elected to the House in 1968, is expected to become Ohio's 101st House speaker. House Republicans controlled the Ohio House for 14 years until 2008, when Democrats netted seven seats to seize control by a 53-46 advantage.

    Although final results were still pending in several close races, it appeared Republicans would take back nearly a dozen seats from Democrats, giving them 57 or more seats in the 99-member chamber ...

    With Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich headed toward an apparent victory, GOP leaders now face a tough challenge in the next state budget with what looks to be a massive deficit that could reach as high as $8 billion.

    And the new Republican Speaker Batchelder, Kasich as well as a handful of other House Republicans have all pledged not to raise taxes to balance the budget. That promise is sure to be tested as they struggle to deal with the deficit ...

    In the Ohio Senate, Republican Gayle Manning took back a seat won four years ago by Democratic Sen. Sue Morano, and Republican Bill Beagle knocked off Dayton-area Democratic Sen. Fred Strahorn. Republicans will control that chamber 23-10 ...



    Avon schools pull out a narrow victory

    Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    By MEGAN ROZSA mrozsa@MorningJournal.com

    AVON -- The third time was the charm for the Avon School District yesterday, which walked away with a last-minute victory at the polls, 4,452 for and 4,275 against, according to unofficial results from the Lorain County Board of Elections ...

    This was the district’s third attempt at passing the 5.9-mill, 10-year levy which will help pay for general operating expenses. The levy will generate $4.4 million a year and cost the owner of a $100,000 home $180.71 per year ...



    Lorain County, OH General Election

    November 2, 2010 - Unofficial Results

    Num. Report Precinct 234 - Num. Reporting 234 100.00%

    (LORAIN COUNTY etc. VOTES ONLY) [Larger area votes in brackets]

    Governor / Lt. Governor

    Kasich/Taylor R 43206 44.51% [1,790,060]

    Matesz/Leech L 2593 2.67% [86,573]

    Spisak/Rios G 1981 2.04% [54,734]

    Strickland/Brown D 49243 50.73% [1,669,101]

    Attorney General

    Richard Cordray D 48973 51.34% [1,628,487]

    Mike DeWine R 40649 42.61% [1,727,781]

    Marc Allan Feldman L 3067 3.22% [100,877]

    Robert M. Owens C 2704 2.83% [121,910]

    Auditor of State

    L. Michael Howard L 5288 5.72% [171,041]

    David Pepper D 46307 50.09% [1,546,360]

    Dave Yost R 40846 44.19% 1,785,156]

    Secretary of State

    Charles R. Earl L 5514 5.94% [171,765]

    Jon Husted R 44373 47.78% [1,910,632]

    Maryellen O'Shaughne D 42988 46.29% [1,424,525]

    Treasurer of State

    Kevin L. Boyce D 41531 44.43% [1,397,521]

    Matthew P. Cantrell L 5116 5.47% [173,022]

    Josh Mandel R 46820 50.09% [1,943,356]

    U.S. Senator

    Eric W. Deaton C 1831 1.93%

    Lee Fisher D 41715 43.98%

    Daniel H. LaBotz S 926 0.98%

    Rob Portman R 49066 51.73%

    Michael L. Pryce 1265 1.33%

    U.S. Representative Dist. 9

    Rich Iott R 12719 50.36%

    Marcy Kaptur D 12537 49.64%

    U.S. Representative Dist. 13

    Tom Ganley R 28850 42.44% [57,385]

    Betty Sutton D 39123 57.56% [81,238]

    State Senator Dist. 13

    Gayle L. Manning R 47151 50.23% [59,220]

    Sue Morano D 46722 49.77% [53,251]

    State Representative Dist. 56

    Henry S. Lewandowski R 9468 32.84%

    Dan Ramos D 19361 67.16%

    State Representative Dist. 57

    Rae Lynn Brady R 20754 44.34%

    Matt Lundy D 23786 50.82%

    Josh R. Robertson L 2263 4.84%

    State Representative Dist. 58

    Terry Boose R 9845 58.16% [22,555]

    Gregory S. Davidson D 5902 34.87% [11,611]

    Bob Williams L 1179 6.97% [1,999]

    County Commissioner 1/1/11

    Joseph F. Koziura D 39875 43.19%

    Mike Nunez 5618 6.09%

    Kirk E. Stewart 3311 3.59%

    Tom Williams R 43512 47.13%

    County Auditor

    Mark R. Stewart D 67317 100.00%

    State Board of Education Dist. 2

    Pam Haynam 13276 20.86%

    Kathleen A. McGervey 29257 45.97%

    Joe Walter 21104 33.16%

    Supreme Court Chief Justice 1/1/11

    Eric Brown 25784 32.22%

    Maureen O'Connor 54229 67.78%

    Supreme Court Justice 1/1/11

    Judith Ann Lanzinger 39752 54.90%

    Mary Jane Trapp 32652 45.10%

    Supreme Court Justice 1/2/11

    Paul E. Pfeifer 57662 100.00%

    Appeals Court Judge 9th Dist. 2/9/11

    Carla D. Moore 38994 59.73%

    William Wellemeyer 26289 40.27%

    Appeals Court Judge 9th Dist. 2/10/11

    Robert J. Brown 32361 48.59%

    Donna J. Carr 34235 51.41%

    Appeals Court Judge 9th Dist. 2/11/11

    Rita M. Rochford 22268 35.46%

    Beth Whitmore 40523 64.54%

    Common Pleas Court Judge 1/1/11

    Christopher Rothgery 61738 100.00%

    Common Pleas Court Judge 1/3/11

    Mark A. Betleski 61925 100.00%

    Common Pleas Court Judge (Domestic Relations) 1/2/11

    Debra L. Boros 49372 63.96%

    Jack Kilroy 27822 36.04%


    2 Avon LSD - Tax Levy /Add'l

    FOR THE TAX LEVY 4455 50.98%

    AGAINST THE TAX LEVY 4283 49.02%


    May 3, 2010 primary election:

    For: 1878

    Against: 2414.


    August 3, 2010 special election:

    For: 2071 (40.5%%)

    Against: 3043 (59.5%%)


    19 Avon City - Charter Amend. /Zoning

    YES 5779 72.63%

    NO 2178 27.37%

    16 Lorain Co. Children Services - Tax Levy /Rep'l

    FOR THE TAX LEVY 60438 62.22%

    AGAINST THE TAX LEVY 36700 37.78%

    17 Lorain Co. Community College - Tax Levy /Rep'l /Incr.

    FOR THE TAX LEVY 54312 55.58%

    AGAINST THE TAX LEVY 43400 44.42%

    Top -- Home

    General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    Council at large (elect 3)

    Craig Witherspoon*, Mark Yonchak, Dan Zegarac*, Clinton Pelfrey*

    Ward 1

    Bob Butkowski, Bryan Jensen*, Steven Balmert, Dennis Ginley

    Ward 2

    Dennis McBride*

    Ward 3

    Kevin Ward*

    Ward 4

    Susan Harrison, Daniel Urban*


    Board member (elect 2)

    Kevin Romanchok*, Art Goforth*

    Board member (unexpired term)

    Heather Mahoney*, Jeff Oberg


    Tax increase, 2.25 mills, 32 years, bond issue, construction and remodeling.


    The Plain Dealer endorses Avon Local Schools bond issue

    Published: Saturday, October 29, 2011

    By The Plain Dealer Editorial Board



    Current: $1,205 per $100,000 of home value

    Request: New 2.25-mill, 32-year construction bond

    Change: District says it will assess only 1.25 mills, resulting in a 3.2 percent increase. If assessed in full, would increase taxes 5.7 percent to $1,274 per $100,000 ...


    A Commentator wrote:

    Tying this bond issue to closing the Village School is a bad idea. Soaring Little Eagles should be at a one-floor school NOW because of their disabilities. Otherwise, a 3-story school helps control child obesity and provides an exercise opportunity by climbing stairs.

    A reason former Lorain Superintendent Atkinson may have left Ohio is because, after wasting millions of tax dollars in Lorain on new schools, she knows there will be no gain in student test scores.

    Closing the Village School is a prelude to demolition.

    How about showing Avon taxpayers some consideration by utilizing our existing resources.

    Former Avon Superintendent Bob Barnhart had an interesting letter in The Press on 7-28-10:

    "... It's an accepted fact that Avon High School has about 15 classrooms not being used. According to our Avon school treasurer, an open enrollment student would bring $5,700 ... to our school district.

    Therefore [200 open enrollment students -- 50 per grade] would mean an additional $1.14 million to Avon School revenues.

    The employment of 8 additional teachers to accommodate the 200 open enrollment students would cost approximately $344,000 (8 x $43,000), resulting in about $796,000 net gain."

    $1,140,000 - $344,000 = $796.000



    Tax replacement and increase, 1.75 mills,10 years, expenses.


    Board member (elect 2)

    Judy Maldonado*, Maureen Walsh*

    Board member (unexpired term)

    Kenneth C. Kalina


    0.25 percent sales and use tax, 5 years



    NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 8-12-11,

    By Rebecca Turman

    Avon voters will be asked to set minimum lot size in Charter on ballot

    AVON -- Avon City Council members agreed Monday night to submit to Avon voters on the November ballot the question of amending the Avon charter to set minimum lot sizes for single-family homes as 100 feet in width by 150 feet in length, or 15,000 square feet.

    Last month, Avon Mayor Jim Smith asked City Council members to consider placing the charter amendment on the ballot in an attempt to help reduce flooding in the city and to prevent more cluster developments from coming into Avon.

    According to Smith, setting a minimum lot size in the city charter would keep it in place for a longer period of time. Council members or city officials who want to change the size in the future would have to put it to a vote of the people.

    While 100 feet by 150 feet is already the city?s current standard for lot sizes, council did discuss changing it to 110 by 160 feet ...

    Contact Rebecca Turman at rturman@2presspapers.com


    1 Constitutional Amemdment to change maximum age at which a person may become a judge

    2 Referendum on Senate Bill 5

    [For more on Senate Bill 5, see


    3 Constitutional Amemdment to prohibit mandatory health insurance

    23 Avon City Charter Amenment Mininium Lot Size

    24 Avon City - Ward 2 Precinct A Local Option - Sunday Sales The Wine Room

    25 Avon City - Ward 3 Precinct C Local Option - Sunday Sales Marc's Avon


    1 State Issue

    YES 30497 34.93%

    NO 56816 65.07%

    Statewide Yes 1,168,430 No 1,905,959

    2 State Issue

    YES 33269 35.75%

    NO 59794 64.25%

    Statewide Yes 1,268,277 No 2,005,865

    3 State Issue

    YES 57593 64.51%

    NO 31681 35.49%

    Statewide Yes 2,082,127 No 1,087,381

    15 Lorain County JVS - Tax Levy/Rep'l/Incr

    FOR THE TAX LEVY 33783 44.12%

    AGAINST THE TAX LEVY 42790 55.88%

    22 Lorain County Sales Tax

    YES 29585 32.46%

    NO 61567 67.54%

    23 Avon City - Charter Amendment/Lot Size

    YES 5404 76.71%

    NO 1641 23.29%

    8 Avon LSD - Bond Issue/ Construction

    FOR THE BOND ISSUE 3726 48.84%

    AGAINST THE BOND ISSUE 3903 51.16%

    24 Avon City 2A - Local Option/The Wine Room

    YES 550 76.07%

    NO 173 23.93%

    25 Avon City 3C - Local Option/Marc's Avon

    YES 483 75.00%

    NO 161 25.00%

    Avon City Council At Large

    Vote For 3

    Clinton S. Pelfrey 3551 27.56%

    Craig Witherspoon 3704 28.75%

    Mark Yonchak 1838 14.26%

    Dan Zegarac 3792 29.43%

    Avon City 1st Ward Council Vote For 1

    Steven M. Balmert 189 9.87%

    Bob Butkowski 513 26.80%

    Dennis Ginley 347 18.13%

    Bryan K. Jensen 865 45.19%

    Avon City 2nd Ward Council Vote For 1

    Dennis McBride 1029 100.00%

    Avon City 3rd Ward Council Vote For 1

    Kevin M. Ward 948 100.00%

    Avon City 4th Ward Council Vote For 1

    Susan Harrison 474 30.98%

    Daniel C. Urban 1056 69.02%

    Avon Local School District

    Vote For 2

    Art Goforth 2851 42.25%

    Kevin J. Romanchok 3897 57.75%

    Avon LSD (unexpired term)

    Vote For 1

    Heather R. Mahoney 3530 63.00%

    Jeffrey A. Oberg 2073 37.00%

    Top -- Home


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 1-11-12, By Rebecca Turman

    [Avon Council organizes]

    AVON -- Clint Pelfrey will serve the city of Avon as council president for the next two years.

    At the Jan. 3 [2012] organizational meeting of Avon City Council, the majority of council voted to have Pelfrey serve as president of council for his two-year term.

    During the meeting, Councilman Dennis McBride nominated Pelfrey. Councilman Kevin Ward nominated Councilman Dan Zegarac for the position. Ultimately, Councilmen Bryan Jensen, Dan Urban, McBride and Pelfrey voted for Pelfrey.

    This is Pelfrey's fourth term on Avon City Council. For his first term, he served as council president after receiving the most votes out of the three elected council at large members.

    For the past four years, Councilman-at-Large Craig Witherspoon served as council president ...

    Once Pelfrey assumed the role of president, he added several items to the Jan. 3 [2012] agenda, including the appointment of the council clerk, assistant council clerk and ... treasurer positions.

    Prior to City Council entering into an executive session, Assistant Clerk of Council Gail Hayden spoke on Clerk of Council Ellen Young's behalf.

    "I worked closely with Ellen and I see daily all her job entails," she said. "She brings 10 years experience to the job. She really goes the extra mile to help. She has exceptional computer skills and writing skills. She knows about the procedures. As a recycling coordinator, she's done and amazing job. Ellen is very dedicated to the city and to her job."

    Before council started the executive session to discuss personnel, Witherspoon asked that Young be permitted to sit in on the executive session "if discussion is about her future employment." Pelfrey agreed to Witherspoon's request.

    Ultimately, after more than an hour-long executive session, council members voted to reappoint Young and Hayden to their positions, along with reappointing Barb Kraus as the treasurer.

    During the Jan. 9 [2912] City Council meeting, Pelfrey said Kraus notified city officials of her plans to retire after 28 years with the city ... Kraus plans to stay on until the middle of April to help train her replacement, he added.

    Because of the long executive session during the Jan. 3 organizational meeting, council members then voted to "recess" the organizational meeting until Jan. 9.

    When council reconvened the organizational meeting Monday night, the following appointments were approved:

    Council Committees

    Finance Committee Chairman: Dennis McBride

    Legal Committee Chairman: Dan Urban

    Service Committee Chairman: Bryan Jensen

    Safety Committee Chairman: Craig Witherspoon

    Economic Development Committee¬ Chairman: Dan Zegarac

    Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman: Kevin Ward

    Appointment to boards and commissions

    ADA Review Board: Dennis McBride

    French Creek Development Association: Bryan Jensen

    Lorain County Community Alliance: Dan Urban

    Lorain County Office on Aging: Craig Witherspoon

    Senior Citizens? Advisory Commission: Clint Pelfrey

    Parks and Recreation Commission: Craig Witherspoon

    Planning Commission: Bryan Jensen


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 1-23-12, By Rebecca Turman

    AVON -- The members of the 2012 Avon Charter Review Commission have officially been selected and sworn in to serve the city.

    During the Jan. 9 regular meeting of Avon City Council, members of the commission were sworn in by Avon Law Director John Gasior.

    During the Charter Review Commission's first meeting, the members will elect a chairman and vice chairman.

    According to the city charter, the commission will begin to meet on the first Thursday in February (Feb. 2), for no more than 150 days.

    The Charter Review Commission meetings are open to the public.

    While serving on the commission, members will review the charter, and may recommend amendments to the charter to City Council.

    With council approval, amendments may appear on the ballot "no later than the next succeeding November election," according to the charter.

    The last time a commission reviewed the charter was in 2007.

    2012 Charter Review Commission members

    Ward 1

    Lee Belardo

    Frank Root Jr.

    Eugene Rouse -- Alternate A.

    Ward 2

    Michael Elwood

    Kristine Guzik

    Marcel Mylen -- Alternate B

    Ward 3

    Mary Berges

    Tom Brenner

    Paul Miklovich

    Scott Mitchell

    Ward 4

    Greg Dziak


    For more information, see


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