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  • 1-6-15: Middle School Progress


    Avon Schools to seek 10-year, 2.9-mill levy [-- resolution to be on the BOE's 1-6-15 agenda]

    Filed on December 19, 2014 by Jon Wysochanski

    AVON -- Voters can expect to be asked to approve new money for Avon Schools in May [2015].

    The school board on Tuesday [12-16-14] decided to ask for a 10-year, 2.9-mill operating levy that would generate $2.19 million annually and cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $101.52 a year in taxes.

    The school board also considered an outside-of-the-box approach through a combined property and income tax levy, but decided against that plan.

    "Either proposed levy would have provided the funding we need," Superintendent Mike Laub said. "But we also needed to go with what we think people will support. A 2.9-mill levy is something our residents understand, we've taken that approach in the past and they know what that approach means."

    The combined property and income tax levy option would have been a 1-mill property tax and a 0.25 percent tax on Avon residents' earned income. Under this scenario, the owner of a $100,000 home would have paid $32.04 a year on property taxes and revenue collected on income would vary based on a resident's annual income, while generating about $1.9 million annually.

    The district also will have to ask voters to renew a 1.8-mill levy either in November 2015 or May 2016. Laub said if a 2.9-mill levy passes in May, the district will not have to ask for additional money for another four or five years.

    The last time the district asked for additional money was in 2010, when voters approved a 10-year, 4.4-mill levy.

    A levy resolution will be on the board's agenda Jan.6 and Jan. 27 in order to meet February filing deadlines with the Lorain County auditor's office to place the levy on the May ballot.

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    [Middle School Progress]

    By Kaylee Remington, The Morning Journal

    Posted: 12/16/14

    Avon School Board members have decided to pursue a 2.9-mill emergency levy on the May [2015] ballot, which would mean new money coming into the school district if passed.

    School Board President Scott Radcliffe said that they need to ramp back up the levy committee and need to get another gauge of the community to move forward.

    Last week they discussed the 2.9-mill emergency levy that could be an option for the district to seek. Superintendent Michael Laub initially had some concerns in going forward ...

    The levy would be for 10 years. It would cost $101.50 a year per every $100,000 property valuation.

    "I think it's a great middle of the road choice," Laub said. "It's the lowest amount we can ask for on the early side to keep that cost down."

    The Avon School Board's organizational meeting for the 2015 year will be Jan. 6 with the first reading at Heritage South Elementary School at 6:30 p.m. The regular meeting will commence at 6:45 p.m. The second reading will be Jan. 27.

    In other news, the Avon Middle School project is looking to be finished on time and under budget, according to Laub.

    Laub said he met with Dunlop & Johnston Inc. last week about the progress of the middle school which will open August 2015 ...

    The project's estimated cost is $34 million and the school district is coming up to $32.5 million ...

    The middle school will be completed May 22, 2015, Laub said. The bond issue was passed in November 2012 and early site prep started immediately after.

    The classrooms will be finished first, and then the hallways, he said.

    There is talk of having a couple of nights to let parents and their children see the new school and get acclimated.

    The middle school is a two-story, 162,480-square-foot space designed to house 45 classrooms, 12 laboratories, a large cafeteria, gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, a media center, a football field and more.

    The city granted a special-use permit to the district back in September 2013 in order to construct a primary entrance to the school off Detroit Road, an additional entrance from Hunter's Trail, a left-turn lane on Detroit Road and a sidewalk within the right-of-way on Stoney Ridge Road extending north to the existing sidewalk.

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