Best Times of the Twentieth Century?

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The collapse of the Iron Curtain confirmed that the monetary value of something does not depend on the labor required to make it, but only on what it can be sold for. The "apocalyptic movement originating in Trier" seems to be ebbing in most of the world: Karl Marx was wrong; and Tom Sawyer, whitewashing the fence, was right.

But human folly only seeks new outlets. The cruelest oxymoron is "educational reform" because no proposal includes restoring control of the classroom to the teacher. The parental mantra is "I can't do anything with him (or her)"/"You ain't gonna touch my kid." In Ohio, a teacher can now be charged with a felony for attempting to break up a school fight.

The first time some young persons learn the meaning of the word "consequences" is when they are sentenced to 30 years in Lucasville, at enormous expense to the taxpayer.

Should an age be called enlightened when ruts left by tractor tires cannot be filled because they are "wetlands", and when those who want to own a place to live spaciously with modern conveniences are made to feel guilty with the word "sprawl"?


The Third Millenium -- An Outrageous Beginning

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