Avon to get new post office

9-17-2005, by Hubert F. Gough

Records of the Post Office Department for the period 1789-1930 are now in the National Archives.

A Post Office was established at Avon on Feb. 9th, 1825.

Lawrence Leonard, Postmaster from 1893 - 1897, next took on the job of hauling the U.S. Mail from the Nickel Plate Station located then on the [railroad which in 1911 became the] boundary line between Avon Lake and Avon. The station is now located in Olde Avon Village, Detroit Road, at the rear of the Casper garage.

[The reason for the alternation of Leonard and Martindale as postmasters from 1892 through 1897 could be an interesting story -- the spoils system? ]

My father, Ira C. Gough, was the Rural Mail Carrier in Avon and the only carrier from around 1914 to 1950 (approximate dates). His route was 60 miles with 350 families which took him into Avon Lake - Westlake - N. Ridgeville and all through Avon.

My Dad went through many Ford Model T's, Model A's, and V-8ts. We had 2 cars back in those days, one for mail delivery and the other for family needs; the family car was a back up for the Mail Car when it was in the garage, which was a great deal of the time. Ed Casper was the mechanic that kept the mail car running.

Back in those days many people didn't have transportation and used the Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, and Spiegel catalogs to order just about everything, except food products. Many times My Dad (Ira) was like a small bank on wheels making out money orders, etc.

Postmasters and the dates of their appointments are as follows;

Samuel D. Carpenter .... 2-9-1825

Office discontinued .... 11-13-1826

Office re-established .... 5-10-1828

Lodowick Moon .... 5-10-1828

Ebenezer Payne .... 7-16-1829

William Young .... 7-18-1832

A. S. Williams .... 8-5-1826

Roswell Horr .... 3-17-1840

Decalves S. Graves .... 6-12-1841

William S. Hopkins .... 10-12-1843

James D. Williams .... 7-24-1849

Henry H. Williams .... 12-3-1851

Hiraim D. Langdon .... 5-15-1853

Philip Sawyer .... 1-21-1857

Truman B. Dailey .... 12-23-1858

James E. Brooks .... 4-13-1861

Henry Close .... 4-19-1869

William Balderson ....7-10-1871

John L. Hannum .... 11-9-1871

Paukerty Burkart .... 11-4-1872

James R. West .... 4-15-1878

John Lenzen .... 7-14-1885

John Benham .... 11-17-1889

Herman B. Martindale .... 3-2-1892

Lawrence Leonard .... 7-14-1893

Herman B. Martindale .... 4-22-1897

Charles T. Wilford .... 4-13-1914

John F. Shumway .... 8-22-1950

Joseph R. Wysocki .... 3-28-1962

Stanley C. Perusek .... 3-26-1977

William T. Wallace .... 2-24-1979

Larry G. Winkler .... 9-17-1983

James W. Lacy .... 5-6-1989

Evelyn M. Silva .... 1-23-1993

Nina (Inscore) Vodde .... 8-5-1995

Gerald P. Remo .... 12-18-1999

Lynn E. Blanton .... 2-19-2005

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Chronicle-Telegram, 11-28-07, by Lisa Roberson

``Avon to put new post office in city complex

AVON -- The city's municipal campus, which when complete will include a new police station, fire station and City Hall, also will have a brand new post office ...

The city learned right before Thanksgiving [2007] that the U.S Postal Service accepted the city's proposal to build a new post office on Detroit Road, near state Route 83, Mayor Jim Smith said. The city will build the basic exterior of the structure as well as provide utilities, while the U.S. Postal Service will configure the interior to its own specifications.

Construction of the post office is slated to begin in the spring [2008], close to the time the new police station is scheduled to be completed.

The post office will be located west of the fire station, where a now-vacant brick home sits. The home, which the city purchased in October, will be bulldozed to make room for the new post office ...

The 8,100-square-foot facility will keep with the early American colonial style architecture that is featured throughout the campus.

"Once complete, we will have fire, police, City Hall and now a post office all over at the same place," Smith said. "It will be like one-stop shopping for residents."

The Postal Service will enter into a 15-year lease with the city with the option to renew the lease twice in 10 years. The agreement is similar to the one the post office has held for the last 20 years at it current location -- a 4,300-square-foot one-story building -- that has long since been deemed too little for the growing city ...

The Postal Service chose building the facility over two other plans, including renovation of the current location.''

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