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From: "Alexander A.Shpilman"
Subject: Re: simplest applications & comfort
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 19:05:57 +0600

Alexander A.Shpilman wrote:

Some people do not think of danger of "spin field". Some people think that anyone "spin fields" dangerous. Also there will be a great number of examples of occurrence biological and psychological illnesses at the man after visit some "geopathogenous zones". Some "geopathogenous zones" (and some generators) are capable to call at the man panic fear.

But exist "Vortex Point" in which in certain time of day (usually in clear morning at sunrise) man feels of comfort. Such "points comfort" can is in unexpected places, for example near to a bus stop where you in the morning sit in the bus.

We have attune the generator described in (shall name it of VPSS), on generation of "spin field" stimulating feeling of comfort at the man.

The unitary irradiation of a bedroom by such generator created at the man feeling of comfort and are quiet continuous dream. Action of irradiation was saved ~ 10 days. The irradiation of working room at offices reduced quantity of conflict situations, improved mood. Irradiation of room of restaurants and coffee increased quantity of the visitors.

The irradiation of the man by the generator VPSS reduces some sensation of pain, but in too time strengthens sensual perception, strengthens ESP of ability. Stimulates immune a system. (the Laboratory mice have remained healthy after introduction of a fatal doze of bacteria staphylococcus, but the action of "spin field" VPSS on a bacterium is not revealed.) Some results on research of effect VPSS on the man are adduced in the appendix.

The probably following explanation of action VPSS is direct on the man: "Spin field" of the man constantly changes, vibrates, is move (it alive). Induced from outside of (or for the internal reasons), static "spin field" causes in the man feeling discomfort and illness. VPSS is attune so, that, destroys (dissolve) induced static "spin field" and partially "alive", but alive fast is restored. There is a following rough analogy: the old wool on ewe felted, is full of the parasites, dirty and does not heat. If we ewe shall cut that, the new wool fast will grow and at ewe there is a good mood.

Generators VPSS ~ 50 pieces was made. VPSS was used in the majority of experiments with by "spin field".

We suppose to renew the limited manufacture of the generator VPSS, of the generator described in and generator with optical excitation (OG) described in OG is most perspective (on efficiency, reliability, price and accident prevention).

Inform on mine E-mail the address what generators and how many it is necessary, for what purposes they will be used also what price of the device for you is acceptable.

The remark:

For research of effect of generators on animals and man, absolutely it is necessary to pass a course of special training. In other cases, it is enough strictly to follow the instruction.

Alexander A. Shpilman, E-mail:

The Generator Axion (Spin) Field With Use of Vectorial Potential of a Spiral Structure

Torsion Field Generator

... In the given article the device using for amplification of spin polarization by vectorial potential of a spiral structure is offered. (See also patent of Republic of Kazakhstan N5366, G01N23/00, Bull. N4, 15.10.97)

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