Minutes of the Meeting of the Avon Historical Society, 9-11-00

On September 11, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. 15 members of the Avon Historical Society met at the Town Hall and car pooled to Buddy Miller's Gardens on Center Road. There we were treated to a personal tour by Buddy Miller of his beautiful grounds and flower gardens.

The walking tour took us all around the perimeter of his home and surrounding grounds and we were all amazed at the beauty and variety of all the plants and flowers. Everywhere you looked he has a unique flower bed or he is in the process of constructing yet another one.

The peaceful sound of the water fountain was a favorite of everyone. Mr. Miller was eager to answer any and all questions and we all came away with a real admiration for his gardening skills and the many hours he puts in to maintain his gardens. At the end of the tour outside we had to stop to say hello to his donkeys that he raises as a hobby.

As an extra bonus Mr. Miller invited us into his home that displays around 30 original Leach paintings. Mr. Leach is a local painter who resides on Center Road. If we were not already overwhelmed by the outside beauty of nature, we were now thrilled to be viewing the beautiful paintings that fill all the rooms of Mr. Miller's home.

Some were nature scenes, some simple flower paintings and some abstracts. All were breathtaking. I think all of us present truly envied Mr. Miller's collection.

He expressed a concern to us that he would like to donate the paintings to keep them together and preserve the history of Lorain County. However upon making inquiry he has been unable to find an organization that would accept the paintings and display them.

It was suggested that perhaps his home which is also being donated along with 40 acres to the Lorain County Park System, could serve as an art museum of sorts to display the paintings and keep them in Avon. This is another project we may find ourselves looking into in the near future - but a very interesting and worthwhile one.

The members returned to the Town Hall around 8:00 p.m. In the absence of President Mike Wolfe, Vice-President Jack Smith presided over this evenings meeting.

As a first order of business the minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Under old business Dr. Fischer reported that our organization had indeed been selected to receive a historical plaque. We have been contacted by the Bicentennial Committee as well as the Ohio Historical Society and notified of this honor.

As a reminder this was a very long project completed by Jean Fischer. The cost for the plaque will be divided $500 by the Bicentennial Committee; $500 by a donation from the Longaberger Company, and $500 to be provided by our club.

The final wording for the plaque still has to be completed with Dr. Fischer working with Phil Ross from the Bicentennial Committee. The final resting place for the plaque is still to be determined.

The Bicentennial Committee expect us to put on a nice affair for the formal presentation and unveiling of the plaque with local dignitaries, etc., present so we will be planning something in the spring with more details to follow.

Also under old business Dr. Fischer wanted to thank everyone who had anything to do with the scrapping and repainting of the windows. This venture is now completed and anyone who helped is absolved from ever having to paint them again - as well as any of their heirs in the future are absolved. All the hard work was worthwhile as the windows look great.

Dr. Fischer further reported that at a recent board meeting on August 14, 2000, the issue of the purchase of storm windows was finalized. We had a representative from Lorain Aluminum present who answered all of our questions and gave us several quotes for different qualities.

It was decided to go with double strength glass for the windows with a 4 strip of vinyl at the top to maintain the bowed or rounded top design of the windows. One screen would be ordered for the only window that opens. The cost for this project is $3,600.00.

At the meeting it was decided to approach the city to see if there were any funds available to assist us with the cost. Jack Smith volunteered to speak to the proper authorities and Dr. Fischer continued that through these efforts, the city has graciously agreed to pick up the entire cost of the storm windows.

Jack Smith then made a motion that a thank-you letter be sent to the mayor, Jim Smith, and to president of council, Shaun Brady. Bill Furnace seconded the motion and the motion was carried. Jack Smith then directed the secretary to send the letters.

Also under old business Jean Fischer reported that our CD will mature on September 28th. We have previously discussed moving this money into an account that would be more accessible. There was a short discussion that was followed by Jean making a motion that when the CD comes due on September 28th that it be deposited into a money market account so we will have the money available. Ann Allen seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

As the first item under new business Jean Fischer reported that we might be in line to receive some funds from the Lorain County Commissioners. The commissioners have been authorized to distribute around $60,000.00 to local historical societies and museums within our county.

Our club could stand to receive around $2,000.00. If this transpires, Jean suggested that we could use the funds to install an air conditioning wall unit to help cool the Town Hall on days like today. Jean reworded her suggestion into a motion which motion was seconded by Rodney Bock and the motion was carried.

Also under new business Bill Furnace reported that he had been contacted by a Bill Baldaulf who resides in Russia Township. Apparently Mr. Baldaulf is aware that a photograph of his grandparents is hanging in the Elyria Library and he would like to obtain a copy of the photograph.

He has received no help from the people at the Elyria Library or other historical societies he has contacted. That brings him to us. He wanted to know if we could help. Jean said that she knows some people with the Lorain County Historical Society who should be able to help so she took the information to see what she could do.

Dr. Fischer then reported that he and Bill Furnace have bills to present for payment for the paint and supplies and for the new signs. He will present them at the next meeting when the treasurer is present.

Jack Smith then determining there was no further business to conduct entertained a motion by Dr. Fischer to adjourn the meeting which motion was seconded by Stan Hawryluk and the motion was carried.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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