Trustee and Officer Meeting of the Avon Historical Society, 8-14-00

A joint meeting of the officers and trustees of the Avon Historical Society was held Monday, August 14, 2000. Present for the meeting were Mike Wolfe, Barbara Wolfe, Jack Smith, Dr. Fischer, Bill Furnace, and Nancy McGhee.

Barb Wolfe reported that the current balance of the checking account was $692.32, but that $65.00 still needed to be deducted for Jack Kearney's memorial gift.

The purpose of the meeting was to address the issue of purchasing storm windows for the newly painted windows. Skip D.W. Kirth, factory representative for Lorain Aluminum made a presentation to the members present regarding his estimate for the storm windows.

There was a very long discussion regarding the style of storm window that we wanted installed. The estimate that Mr. Kirth had prepared provided for double strength glass for the windows.

Tempered or Plexiglas would be more expensive and he did not include that in his estimate. Since the windows have a bowed or rounded top, he suggested using a strip of vinyl at the top.

Someone inquired as to the possibility of using glass at the top to preserve the style of the windows. He said that there was only one company that he knew of that could do this type of work and it was determined that the cost for the arched glass top would be twice the cost of the vinyl.

It was suggested that to maintain the look of the windows from the outside, would it be possible to install the storm windows on the inside of the building instead of the outside? The representative was emphatically against this suggestion because it would cause the windows themselves to sweat causing damage to the wood that would lead to rotting.

Since we have only one window that still opens, a screen would be ordered for that window and thumb screws and clips would be installed for easy removal and installation of the screen.

The cost for installing vinyl storm windows on the 8 windows in the building would be approximately $3,600.00. If we would like to upgrade to aluminum the cost would be much greater and it takes longer to order.

It is estimated that the company would be able to install the storm windows in the next 6 to 8 weeks if we ordered soon.

John Aunspau who is a past board member said that he had heard that perhaps the park board may go on this project with us. Dr. Fisher reminded the group that our agreement with the city is that we are to take care of the interior and they will take care of the exterior.

John suggested that if we call the chairman of the park board they can look into their books and see if there are any funds for this project that they can donate to us.

We could approach the mayor or president of counsel. Tell them what we are planning to do in an attempt to continue to preserve the old town hall and further let them know that we have recently been a recipient of a grant for the plaque to be donated and mounted here.

It was explained that there is money set aside each year to be used for various city and civic projects and most probably this year's budget has not been spent. It was suggested that once we had a final, written proposal from Lorain aluminum we contact Shaun Brady, President of City of Council and present this project to him.

Next Dr. Fischer reported on the further news we have regarding the historical plaque for Norton Townshead. For those unaware, we are a winner - all the hard work of Jean Fischer in preparing all the paperwork and documentation to enter the contest was well worth it as Avon will be receiving one of the historical plaques.

As a reminder, the Ohio Bicentennial Committee and the Longaberger Company are each contributing $500.00 towards the cost and our club is to provide the remaining $600.00. Since our money is currently in CDs, it was suggested that perhaps we should move some money into money market accounts so that the money could be readily accessible.

The Bicentennial Committee is expecting us to put on a nice affair when they come for the presentation of the plaque. It is suggested that we invite the mayor and city council and other dignitaries for this special event. Dr. Fischer said that we will hold this ceremony some time in the spring with more details to follow.

A final draft of a 100-word statement to go on the plaque still has to be finalized with Dr. Fischer and Phil Ross exchanging pleasantries and re-writes on the language to be used.

Dr. Fischer reminded everyone that we are still one trustee member short. A few suggestions for possible candidates was made and these people would be contacted to see if they were interested.

Barbara Wolfe reminded everyone that we should continue to contact Attorney Patrick O'Toole to remind him that we still need all of our records. He is in possession of many documents and records but apparently the last time anyone spoke to him, he was still looking for the records.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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