Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 3-1-06

President Jack Smith opened the March 1, 2006, meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 p.m. at The Old Town Hall with 24 members and guests present.

As the first order of business he asked the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting of February 1, 2006. Following the reading of the minutes the president asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as read. There being none, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Jim Szippl, seconded by Dr. Fischer and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Jack then called Jean Fischer to give the treasurer's report in Barb Wolf's absence. Jean reported that she did not have the exact figures with her but there was no real change from last month's reporting balances. However, she did want to report that the club had sold 3 of Rose Mitock's paintings to First Federal of Lakewood Bank to be used in decorating their bank on Detroit Road and she will be depositing those receipts soon.

Next the president called upon Dr. Fischer who stated that his duties as membership chairman are becoming a task for him due to his deteriorating eye sight and as of yesterday he has resigned his post. He further stated that he would be glad to work with someone for the coming year. If anyone is interested in taking over this position let Jack know if you would be willing to assist.

Regarding the replacement of the garage door as discussed at last month's meeting we have noted that the door is the original door and we need to do more research on the door but will keep the club advised of how we are progressing.

Next Jack called upon Mary Ann Littell regarding this year's Duct Tape Festival and she reported that she has been attending meetings already as we are fast approaching the June deadline. As a reminder the festival will be held on Father's Day weekend, June 16, 17 and 18the. For anyone who missed it, our float from last year is stored in the garage attached to the back of this building.

A discussion was held as to whether or not we would participate in this year's parade again and it was agreed that we should be involved with a float again to give exposure to our club. The fee for entering a float is $25.00 and we are provided with 5 cases of duct tape of any color. She noted that the parade has been moved from Sunday to Saturday, and the parade route as well has been changed. It will begin at The Village School on Detroit Road and then proceed south on Stoney Ridge Road to the Middle School. The president then suggested that we display our float at the festival site this year for added exposure.

Next a discussion followed as to whether or not we should sponsor a booth. There is no charge for local organizations and we could pass out handouts about our club. However, we need the manpower to staff the booth. A suggestion was made that perhaps this year we could duplicate Avon Isle and use a second flat bed to display The Old Town Hall from last year as well.A motion was then made by Nancy McGhee and seconded by George Bliss that our club participate in the Duct Tape Parade again this year and by voice vote the motion was approved. Mary Ann then asked for volunteers and Bob Gates volunteered to again build the framework. Other volunteers include Jim Szippl, JoAnne Easterday, George Bliss, Jack and Nancy McGhee.

North Ridge Scenic By-Way, Ralph White stated that there was nothing new to update at this time.

Landmarks Preservation, Bob Gates stated that there was no February meeting.

Next Jack stated that the Arcadia book project should be coming out March 15th. Further the cost of the books will be $19.99 but we have been authorized to buy the books for $10.00 each which presents a huge fundraising opportunity for our club as we have the ability to make a $10.00 profit on every book we sell. Tom Wible has volunteered his website which can accept credit card orders and he can sell our books for us on the web as well. We need to iron out the service charge and sales tax details before we formalize anything but its something to think about.

Next Jack spoke regarding the terrific oral histories that we have gathered and his idea to have transcripts made of the video tapes both typed and electronic form and the good part is it won't cost the Historical Society anything. Jack has already talked to Bill Byrd about this and he thinks it is quite all right for us to take some of the funds that was given to us for the Norton Townshend video grant and to use it for this project as well. Eventually it is hoped that all this could be put into a book.

A discussion was then held regarding the suggestion. An important point stated by Jack is that the money we received must be spent by October of 2006 or we lose it. Its money just sitting unused that we could put to good use. A motion to produce a transcript from the oral history was made by Carol Smith and seconded by Ralph White. A short discussion followed and an amendment to the motion was added that we would set a cap of $500.00 for a trial run of this project. By voice vote the motion was passed.

Jack mentioned to the members that he and Dr. Fischer will present The Homesspun Years to St. Mary of the Woods residents on March 7th.

Jean Fischer then stated that at our next meeting a gentleman who has given us several monetary donations and who prints the Women's Club Avon Calendar as well as being known for his philanthropy, Mr. Thomas Eakin, will then speak on historical highlights in his life. He is going to retire.

Carla Wible who has joined Nancy McGhee as a member of the Avon Sports Hall of Fame Committee asked the members for help in beefing up our list of candidates for induction into the sports hall of fame. We are particularly interested in the athletes from the 1930's, 1940 and 1950's. Sadly the high school never kept very good records for these years and we are relying on memories of classmates and relatives to provide us with candidates and information. Please talk to Carla or Nancy if you have anyone in mind.

Jack and Dr. Fischer will be presenting the Homespun Years video at St. Mary of the Woods on 3-9-06.

There being no further business to attend to the president entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting by Jean Fischer and seconded by Pat Furnas and by voice vote the motion was unanimously approved.

Jack then announced that we would be viewing a video of Hugh Gough as part of our oral history project and Hugh will be available for questions afterward.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary



I. Reading of minutes of meeting of March 1, 2006. Motion to approve and second.

II. Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.

III. Old Business

A. Oral History Project, Jack Smith

The first web posting for the Oral History Project is a Sesquicentennial Address by Don Hicok

B. Report from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Bob Gates

C. Duct Tape Festival, Toni Barnhart

D. __________________________________________

IV. New Business

A. Jack and Dr. Fischer will be showing the Talking Quilt video at St. Mary of the Woods on 4-20-06.

B. At our next meeting on May 3, 2006, Grant Thompson will present a program on the "Eagles of Lorain County."

C. __________________________________________

V. Motion to Adjourn and Second

Jean Fischer will introduce Mr. Thomas Eakin who prints the Women's Club Avon Calendar as well as being known for his philanthropy. He will speak on historical highlights in his life.

Michelle Budzinski-Braunscheidel will autograph "Images of America: Avon" from 7 to 9 pm at this meeting. The 128-page book retails for $19.99. The book is also on sale across the street at 2536 Stoney Ridge in Shinko's Country Store, which is shown on the cover of the book when the store was May Webber's Millinery Shop. Call 934-6119 to make sure books are in stock before visiting The Country Store.


Toni Barnhart wrote on 3-10-06:

I have an idea for [our entry in the duct tape parade], but it will take a lot of participation, everyone needs to get involved.

How about a quilt? Not a reproduction of what we have, but something that highlights some of the new aspects of the community - the gazebo, fire station, clock tower at French Creek Square, as well as some historical views, the city seal, the French Creek banners, stuff like that. Get couples or small groups to create a square, (each square made on a piece of white poster board, sturdy with some flexibility) then we bring all the squares together and make one big quilt. Haven't yet worked out size of each square or size of overall quilt, minor details.

Does this sound like something we can ALL get behind? We will need EVERYONE to participate, a real full blown all member historical society project.

Toni Barnhart wrote on 3-27-06:

Met with Mary Ann and JoAnne tonite.

I think we've got a pretty good plan.

This is going to be something like an old fashioned quilting bee, but using Duck tape.

We will have 24 - 2 ft. X 2 ft. squares. We are asking people (families, singles, friends) to commit to at least one square and maybe encourage someone else to commit to one square. We have lots of ideas to choose from. Already have one commitment from Charlotte Picha at the library. These can be made at home on your own time to be completed by the end of May.

This all will be presented at the meeting next week [4-5-06] for approval.

Please pass this info along to everyone when you remind them of the next meeting. We would like everyone to be thinking about what they may like to do and with whom.

Thanks, Toni


The following document can be read in full at



Sesquicentennial Address on the History of Avon, 2-10-64, by Don Hicok

Avon Historical Society Oral History Project

``Time: ..... 9:00 pm

Before: ..... Avon Junior Women's Club

Location: ... Central Security Bank [the building is now occupied by the First Federal of Lakewood Bank], Avon, Ohio

Recorded by: Tony C. Zuppero

Transcribed to electronic text by: Julie Kryschtal, Kryschtal - Klear Court Reporting Service, in March, 2006



II. HISTORY OF AVON by Mr. Don Hicok



Audiotape - Side 1:


MR. ZUPPERO: This is a talk on the History of Avon by Don Hicok. His wife's name is Mary Ellen Hicok. This talk was done on February the 10th, 1964 at 9:00 pm at Central Bank Building in the Community Room. And my name is Tony Zuppero, and I recorded it for the Avon Junior Women's Club. I recorded it on reel-to-reel tape. And today is Saturday morning, April the 18th, 1987, and the time is 7:00 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time. And I am now putting it on cassette tape.


MR. HICOK: Welcome to Xeuma or Troy or Avon Township, as it was called. I've been asked to talk about the history of the area this evening.

The first permanent white settlement was made here about a hundred and fifty years ago, but to talk about the last hundred and fifty years and forget the millions of years that went before would be sort of like giving a book report on the last page of a novel. I'm sure this wouldn't be very satisfactory. So I would like to take you back to the beginning of the story ...''

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