Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 4-2-01

In the absence of President Mike Wolfe, Vice-President Jack Smith opened the April 2, 2001 meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 p.m.

As a first order of business he asked the Secretary to read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were read and a motion was made by Dr. Fischer and seconded by Ann Allen to approve the minutes as read.

The vice-president then asked for the treasurer's report. In the absence of treasurer, Barbara Wolfe, Jean Fischer reported that the April 1, 2001 balance was $556.41. She further reported that Rose Mitock has sold 3 more prints for $115.00. Rose receives $15.00 for each hotel print and $5.00 for the barn prints. Bill Furnace sold another video for a total deposit of $145.00 this month.

As the first order of business, Jack said we would be spending a major portion of tonight's meeting going over the preparations for our May 6th tribute to Dr. Townshend, and cleaning, so there would be no program.

He further asked Nancy and Theresa to bring us up-to-date on the letters, parking and other matters they have been handling.

They reported that they have spoken to Fr. Cleaton of St. Mary's regarding parking in the church parking lot and there will not be a problem.

Further, the letters have all been prepared and the letters to speakers have gone out. When the inserts come in the letters to organizations and other officials and organizations will go out. Rodney reported that they should be delivered by April 10th or 11th.

Theresa then showed us a sample of the name tags she has prepared. She has prepared name tags for all of the Avon Historical Members to wear and to keep for meetings. The name tags for The Ohio State University graduates are grey with scarlet outline. She will also have name tags for the other dignitaries.

On a final note they reported that all members of the Avon Historical Society will receive an invitation with a special request to come early to assist and to bake.

Jean Fischer then reported that she has been able to locate 15 Avon graduates from the Ohio Agricultural School and hopefully they are all planning on attending.

Dr. Fischer then explained that the program that day has been divided into 3 parts - Jack Smith will be the first speaker and will call things to order. When he has everyone gathered, the Avon VFW Color Guard will present the flag, and then the boy scouts will lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance, and then will welcome the people of distinction who need to be introduced.

It was suggested that it might be nice to invite representatives from the Avon High School band to perform and perhaps lead everyone in singing the Star Spangled Banner or something else.

Next Jack will welcome the people of distinction who need to be introduced. This will be followed by Jean Fischer who will introduce Jennifer Maringo from the Ohio Bicentennial Commission who will speak for a few minutes.

She will be followed by Phil Ross of the Ohio Historical Society and then Dr. McCormick. After that Dr. Fischer will proceed with the dedication of the plaque.

On another note from old business, Nancy inquired about our worn-out flag; and we were told that John Eldred is taking care of that. Jean Fischer will take care of locating Dr. Townshend's resting place in Avon Center Cemetery and cleaning it up if necessary. Jim Szipple will construct the box for holding the plaque temporarily at the dedication.

Regarding publicity Pat Furnace reported that Bill has everything ready to go. There will be an additional cost for the inserts that are going in the Avon Lake Press, but all agreed that Bill and Rodney did a wonderful job on both the inserts for the paper and the actual pamphlets and they are to be commended for their fine, professional work.

Regarding recording the event by camera and video, Jack offered the use of his camera but he will be busy attending to his duties. It was suggested that we might contact Mary Ann Fury at Avon High School who heads up the camera club and they may be willing to do this for us.

Jean also reported that she has obtained a tile from Floyd Poruban for display as well as 90 pages of information on Dr. Townshend and a Time Line of his life that is being prepared for display.

Again going over arrangements in case of rain, Jack reported that he has the building permit for us to use the Avon Middle School on Stoney Ridge Road as a backup. In the event of inclement weather we will have historical members at both sites to help direct people. Refreshments will remain here at The Old Town Hall.

Under new business Jean Fischer reported that Mike Wolfe had agreed to hold the office of president for one year. He will be resigning at the end of this term when he returns from his trip. She stated that a meeting of the trustees needed to be set up between now and May regarding the election.

On another note Jean reported that our group would be hosting the June 4th Intersociety historical meeting. This organization is made up of 22 historical societies in Lorain County that meet twice a year.

As usual this will be a pot luck dinner with our club providing the beverages - everyone brings their own table service. The dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting.

It will be held either at the Library or at the French Creek Center. A motion was made by Nancy McGhee and seconded by Pat Furnace to have our club host the June 4th intersociety meeting.

Next Dr. Fischer reported that he had received a letter from Shaun Brady, President of Avon City Council inquiring as to whether or not our club would be interested in chairing a project with other clubs in the city to participate in decorating the municipal buildings, city hall police station and other city buildings with pictures, artifacts, etc. We would be given a budget and nothing would come out of our pocket.

A motion was made by Jean Fischer to participate with the decorating project for the city buildings in whatever form that the city would like us to participate. The motion was seconded by Dan McGhee and unanimously passed by the members present.

Dr. Fischer stated that Mr. Brady on another note asked if there was anything we needed for The Old Town Hall. He made a suggestion that perhaps we would like air conditioning installed in The Old Town Hall, at the city's expense. If so, he would appreciate it if we could begin to obtain bids for the city to entertain.

Jack Smith has already begun this process. Other possible items on the wish list include repairing the steps and new railings. The electrical contractors who have come in thus far regarding the air conditioning have all said that the first step would be to re-wire the building which is no surprise to us. We are reminded that the city is picking up the entire costs for these upgrades.

Dr. Fischer reported back to Mr. Brady that at the present time all of our energies were being expended on the dedication program for our historic marker on May 6th [2001], but that we were interested in the decorating project as well as working with him on the renovations to the Old Town Hall and would get back to him in early May.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Dr. Fischer and seconded by Jim Szipple, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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