Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 2-2-11

President Jack Smith called the February 2, 2011, meeting of the Avon Historical Society to order at 7:02 p.m. There were about 30 members and guests present.

Jack clarified the October minutes by saying that it was Sheffield rather than Avon that was considered "the greenhouse capital of the world" as was quoted by a guest in the October minutes. The minutes were approved as read with Jim Szippl making the motion and Ralph White seconding.

There is $5,869.65 in the checking account, according to Christine White. Jim Szippl presented a bill for "liquid refreshment" for the December meeting.

Jack said that two Society members had recently died -- Jack's sister-in-law, Virginia Smith and another member Joann Albert. As per tradition each will be honored with a $25 donation in their memory for book purchase by the Avon Library. Jack will "take care of that."

Jack thanked Bob Gates for his service on the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Because of increasing family obligations, Bob asked not to be reappointed. Theresa Szippl made the motion and Jean Fischer seconded the appointment of Ralph White to the Commission. Motion carried.

The discussion progressed to the city's renovation work at Avon Isle. The city requested old photos associated with the Isle and the building be gathered by the AHS. Those could be put on decorative, permanent display. Jack said he would gather the photos, have them duplicated and return the originals to the owner. He gave his phone number 937-5516 and said he would visit anyone with photos and get the photos back to the owner. Or pictures could be offered at the March AHS meeting.

Ralph suggested that the Society blow up the pictures to a larger size and present those to the city for framing and display. Jack said he was particularly interested in an old photo he had seen depicting men playing dice on the porch of the Isle building.

Theresa said perhaps the photo request warranted a special e-mail request from members rather than have it buried in the minutes.

The April AHS meeting will be held at the Avon Isle. The motion for the meeting change was made by Jim Szippl and seconded by Christine White. Motion passed.

Jean Fischer will give the March meeting on the Avon Schools from old times to present day.

The 7:14 motion to adjourn was made by Theresa and seconded by Carol Smith.

Jean introduced the speaker Eddie Herdendorf, author of the GUIDE TO THE NORTH RIDGE SCENIC BYWAY.

The Guide as well as the Sheffield Village Historical Society book was offered for sale.

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday

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