Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 6-3-02

President Jack Smith opened the June 3, 2002 meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:05 p.m. with 21 members and guests being present.

As a first order of business the president asked the secretary to read the minutes from the last meeting. Upon a motion by Theresa Szipple and seconded by Dr. Fischer, the minutes were approved as read.

Jack asked Barb Wolfe to give the treasurer's report. She reported that as of this evening there was a balance of $1,008.01 in the checking account and the money market has a balance of $4,826.35. Jack then asked if there were any outstanding bills to present for payment this evening - and Bill Furnace stated that he needed to turn in an out-of-pocket bill for the signs. A motion to pay this bill was made by Margaret Peak and seconded by Stan and unanimously passed by voice vote.

Under committee reports, the committee for the renovation of the Old Town Hall reported that we now have a new furnace and air conditioning which has been installed and is working.

Dr. Fischer reported that the county Bicentennial Committee is work and functioning well. He reminded everyone that we will be participating in the bicentennial celebration at the French Creek Nature Center and the exhibits will be open to the public from April 11, 2003 through the end of June, 2003. Avon will have 3 days and 3 nights during which time we have the opportunity to host our own events.

Jack Smith suggested that perhaps we take the first 3 days of May which are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We can plan to have our regular meeting at the Nature Center on the first Monday of May. We should also consider having an official Avon reception at which time we could invite all the big shots in the city and county. Further, the transfer of our slide programs to DVD is going well and we will see a sample of some of the completed work this evening.

Regarding the committee handling the picture survey of Avon, John Eldred reported that they had indeed had a meeting and that Eric Jaworski was going to look into some things and get back to the committee.

Jack then asked Jean Fischer to report on behalf of the committee decorating the city buildings. She reported that there is currently nothing new to report - she is still waiting to hear back from the city for the next move. It was noted however, that the Rose Mitock paintings are displayed in the front entrance of city hall. Jean pointed out that our original contact person, Sean Brady is no longer involved in our city government and this may explain the lapse in any activity. She suggested that perhaps local artist Fred Leach may agree to donate a painting also to this project. She will look into this possibility.

Next Jack Smith reported for the landmark ordinance committee and the survey to determine what historical landmarks are. He announced that on June 12, 2002, at 7:30 p.m. at the planning commission meeting they are having a work session at which time we will have Chuck Owen of the Cleveland Preservation Society present. Jack stated that he hoped that everyone here this evening would try to attend this meeting.

Jean Fischer then stated that after many years of chairing the Lorain County Intersociety group that she has given it up. She further reported that the annual intersociety put luck dinner will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 6:00 p.m. at Mill Hollow Park. Beverages will be provided. Be reminded also that the Brownhelm Museum will be open from 4:30 until 6:00 - so try to get there early and look at their shades on their windows. The picnic will follow our regular format - bring your own table service and a dish to share and the beverage is provided by the host club, Brownhelm.

Next Jim Szippl reported on the activities from the most recent trustees meeting. He reported that he, Dr. Fischer, and Bill Furnace solicited and obtained a slate of officers for election to serve a 2 year term. The nominations are as follows: President - Jack Smith, Vice-President - Dorothy Eldred, Treasurer - Barb Wolf, and Secretary - Nancy McGhee. Jack asked if there were any further nominations from the floor and there being none upon a motion by Jean Fischer and seconded by Dorothy Eldred to accept the slate of officers presented by the trustees, and by voice vote the motion was carried.

Dr. Fischer then reported further from the trustees meeting that there had been some discussion regarding the timing of the elections. Our rules and regulations state that the nominations should take place in April and then the slate brought to the May meeting for election of officers. He stated further that he feels that the term of the trustees should be moved around - one trustee should be replaced every other year.

At this time Dr. Fischer submitted his resignation as the oldest trustee - probably 30 or 40 years - to the president. Jack reluctantly accepted and then nominated Mike Wolfe to be named trustee to replace Dr. Fischer. Margaret Peak seconded the motion and by voice vote the motion to name Mike Wolfe trustee was carried.

Toni Barnhart then took the floor and read an excerpt from the current issue of The Cleveland Magazine which spotlighted Avon in a short article as a community doing positives things to improve their community with a photograph of the gazebo in the article.

There was no report from the shade committee as it was hoped we would all take a peak at the Brownhelm window coverings that we possibly would like to copy.

Jack then asked Ron Larson to give the group an update on his continuing project to move the old Lewis home from Center Road to the Olde Avon Village site on Detroit Road. He gave a very detailed and interesting accounting of the tedious job of moving this home.

The move date is expected to be 30 to 40 days from today. Schaeffer Development has been very helpful with this venture. The home will be moved at 5 miles per hour. Police Chief Village has been very cooperative and the police department will charge $15.00 per hour for the escort for the move.

Once the move is completed and the house on its new foundation then the real renovation will proceed. Ron stated that any and all help in this endeavor would be appreciated. He is also looking for a tenant who would find the building suitable for their business. He is now looking for assistance in removing the sandstone walls from the remnants of the barn behind the house.

He also plans to give a name to the reconstructed barn perhaps after an early farmer or the first blacksmith, etc., He will be doing more research on this and then it will be given a name.

John Eldred then reported for the plaque committee and stated that he was all ready to apply for a permit or whatever was necessary for the city for us to erect this plaque for Norton Townshend. None was required and as you can see the plaque is in place across the street.

Regarding the County Bicentennial video, Bill Furnace reported that they met about 6 weeks ago and the other members are really doing the actual work. They stated that they will let him know when the next meeting is. They are very talented and capable in what they are doing.

The President then reminded the members that Pete & Sharon Kratt have already started preparing an oral history of Avon interviewing older Avonites for this project.

Jean Fischer then reported for the quit committee and reminded the group that our club had been approached by the Oberlin Historical Society who wanted to take our quilt to Oberlin for their quilt exhibit. After looking into its removal, etc., it was decided that the quilt was too cumbersome to move and they will use out talking quilt video instead.

On another note Jean Fischer reported that during our Christmas open house she was approached by a gentleman who noted that our old 13 star flag was improperly framed and is deteriorating. Jean requested that the club give her permission to look into getting an estimate from Susan Jaworski to have the flag framed property. The flag is priceless and was given to the club by a former school teacher, Mildred Barnett who felt that our club would take better care of it than leaving it with her school. A motion to have Jean look into this was made by Dan McGhee and seconded by John Eldred and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Jack then announced that the next meeting would be Monday, July 1, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at which time our speaker would be Leah Trainer who will discuss the Vanishing American Barn.

There being no further business to conduct upon a motion by Dr. Fischer and seconded by Jim Szippl the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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