Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 4-5-04

President Jack Smith opened the April 5, 2004, meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 p.m. at The Old Town Hall with 37 members and guests present.

As the first order of business he asked the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting of March 1, 2004. Following the reading of the minutes the president asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as read. There being none a motion to approve the minutes was made by George Bliss and seconded by Theresa Szippl and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Jack then asked Barb Wolfe for the treasurer's report and she reported that as of this evening there is a balance of $1,859.93 in the checking account. Our money market account currently has a balance of $5,968.35. The president asked the members if there were any outstanding bills to present to the treasurer this evening and there were none.

Jack then reported on the Duct Tape Festival planned for this summer at the new Veteran's Memorial Park. He stated that after further research he has learned that the actual cost of a booth at the festival is $200.00 or a donation of 30 hours of service at the festival for our group. The president stated further that he had made a management decision that the Avon Historical Society would not be participating by having a booth this year. However, he threw it open to discussion if we would like to participate in the parade on Saturday, June 19th.

The parade will begin at the high school on Detroit Road and proceed to the Village School. Since we are in the middle of the parade route The Old Town Hall will be very visible to the crowds and traffic coming for the parade. We could show our videos to any interested passerbys.

There is a $20.00 fee to participate in the parade and after some discussion a motion to participate in the parade was made by Rodney Bock and seconded by Susie Cory to spend the $20.00 entrance fee and participate in the parade. We will continue the discussion and preparation to be in the parade at our next meeting.

Jack then called on Bob Gates who is our representative to the Avon Landmarks Preservation Commission who reported that the next meeting is on the 4-29 at City Hall at 7:30 pm.

Theresa Szipple was then called on to give her report on the research she has done regarding our purchase of our own public address system. She reported that the best deal she found was a portable audio speaker system that would cost approximately $419. plus shipping. It has 50 watt power, and covers 10,000 square feet or roughly about 1,000 people - and its made in the United States. After a short discussion the president entertained a motion by Rodney Bock and seconded by Dan McGhee to authorize Theresa to complete the purchase of the public address system. By unanimous vote the motion was carried.

Next Tom Wible and Rodney Bock of the video equipment committee gave another demonstration of the equipment they proposed the club purchase to replace what we have. After considerable discussion it was decided that the best way to go would be to purchase a 32' flat screen t.v. costing approximately $499.00 along with a combination DVD/VCR at the approximate cost of $119.00. A motion was made by Carla Wible and seconded by Nancy McGhee to authorize the purchase of the equipment and by voice vote the motion was unanimously carried.

Next on the agenda the president called on Chuck Huene regarding his suggestion at last month's meeting that we consider changing our meeting day from Monday to another day in the week so that he and others in our group could attend council meetings on Monday, and with a new meeting night, some of our council members who have stated a desire to attend our meetings, could do so.

After some discussion as to which night would best suit the majority, Chuck put a motion on the floor to move our meeting night from the first Monday of the month to the first Wednesday of the month, which motion was seconded by Dan McGhee. A short discussion followed the motion wherein it was mentioned that are current videos stating our Monday meetings would have to be corrected. It was also decided that we would try the change in meeting days for a year, and if we find it does not work out, we can always change it back. By voice vote the motion was unanimously carried.

Jack next reported that he had been approached by the French Creek Association regarding a project with Arcadia Picture wherein a book will be published depicting Avon over the years. Arcadia will bear all the costs and we are only asked to sell the books with a 50/50 split of the profits. The books are 4 x 8 in size and will cost $20.00 apiece with us receiving half the profits.

Jean Fischer mentioned that the books will also be sold at Borders and that she and Jack are already working on this project. A motion to participate in the fund raiser was made by Dan McGhee, which motion was seconded by John Bender and by voice vote unanimously passed. The members were also asked to dig out any interesting photos that might be used including pictures of the tornado that hit Avon in 1924.

Jack then announced that at our next meeting on May 3, 2004, our guest speaker would be Ed Herdendorf who will present the history of the Garfield House in Sheffield Village.

Dr. Fischer then spoke to the group and stated that he would like to get a video committee organized to prepare a video on Norton Townshend. He asked Bill Furnas if he would help work on the project as well as Tom Wible and Jack Smith who all agreed. The group will keep us posted on progress.

As a note of interest it was mentioned that the new Bob Evans Restaurant in Avon is filled with wonderful photos of our town, and once again thanks to Jean Fischer for providing those pictures.

There being no further business to present at the meeting the president entertained a motion from Susie Cory to adjourn the meeting which motion was seconded by Ruth Plas and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Jean Fischer then introduced this evening's speaker, Lorain County Preservation Network Coordinator, Marilyn Fedelchak Harley, who explained what the network is, where it has been, and what it hopes to accomplish.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary



May 3, 2004

I. Reading of minutes of meeting of April 5, 2004.

Motion to approve and second.

II. Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.


A. Wrap-up comments on Spring Celebration, Jack Smith

B. Report from the Preservation Committee, Ron Larson, Bob Gates

C. Report from the Public Address System committee, Theresa Szipple, Nancy McGhee

D. Report from the video equipment purchase committee, Rod Bock, Tom Wible

E. Update - Arcadia Picture Book Project, Jack Smith

F. Participation in Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival parade


A. Membership Open House, Anniversary, Sunday, June 13th 2 to 4:30 pm at the home of Dr. Del and Jean Fischer. PLEASE CALL 934-6106 AND SAY WHETHER ON NOT YOU ARE COMING.

B. Report by Trustees: Election of Officers

C. _____________________________

D. Motion to Adjourn and Second

Jack Smith - Introduction of this evening's speaker, Ed Herdendorf, former OSU Professor will present the history of the Garfield House in Sheffield Village.

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