Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 2-5-01

In the absence of President Mike Wolfe, Vice-President Jack Smith opened the February 5, 2001 meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 p.m.

As a first order of business, he asked the Secretary to read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were read and a motion was made by Dr. Fischer and seconded by Anna Allen to approve the minutes as read.

The vice-president then asked for the treasurer's report. Treasurer, Barbara Wolfe is out of town and the treasurer's report was not available for this month's meeting. Jean Fischer will report next month if the treasurer is not available.

As the first item under old business Bill Furnace reported that he had received a letter from the Avon Junior Women's Club announcing their 7th Annual March Madness fund-raiser to be held Saturday, March 31st [2001].

He read the letter to the members present which basically requested our assistance with their fund-raiser by sharing this information about this upcoming event with our colleagues and friends. Tickets will be available in February.

Reporting further Bill stated that about 3 months ago he was invited by the Ladies Guild of Holy Trinity Parish to show the Avon video tape. Bill obliged and the group enjoyed the tape very much and purchased 5 of the tapes in addition to making a $25.00 contribution to our club.

Next Dr. Fischer reported that he had been contacted by Mr. Phil Ross of the Ohio Historical Society who was very gracious. He informed Dr. Fischer that he had received our request to include the resting place of Norton S. Townshend in Avon's Mound Cemetery to the plaque.

The new language added to the plaque is ``He is interred in Avon Mound Cemetery.'' Dr. Fischer provided a copy of the letter in which he replied to Mr. Ross thanking him for his cooperation and sending the check for $491.66 to the Ohio Historical Society.

Next Dr. Fischer reported that he had sent a letter to Shaun Brady, President of Avon City Council notifying him that we had participated in a state historical marker contest and had recently been notified that we had been selected by the Ohio Bicentennial Commission to receive one of the new markers and requesting his participation and that of other city officials at the installation ceremony some time in the spring.

Dr. Fischer then read a letter that he received back from Mr. Brady congratulating our club and Mrs. Fischer for the work involved in receiving this plaque and stating further that we could count on his support and appearance at the installation ceremony.

As the first item under new business Dr. Fischer announced that the plaque has been delivered safe and in perfect condition. Along with the plaque is a dedication kit telling us everything they want us to do at the dedication ceremony.

The plaque is stored at Jim Rider's across the street until we are ready for it. It is very large and will take several people to move. Recently Jean Fischer and Jack Smith had attended a meeting that was very informational regarding how to display the plaques.

They were also shown a temporary display box that can be used for the ceremony only for easy viewing until the plaque is moved to its permanent location. Jack Smith will look into the cost of purchasing such a display box for our ceremony.

Reporting further Dr. Fischer stated that it occurred to him that someone ought to thank the Longaberger Company for participation and financial backing of the Ohio Bicentennial - Longaberger Legacy Initiative Historic Marker Program. Dr. Fischer then read the letter he sent to Mr. Anthony Tanner, Manager, Consumer Affairs for the Longaberger Company thanking them.

A short discussion then followed regarding the date for our installation ceremony. It was agreed that April can be a very cold month and most probably May would be best.

It was decided to hold the dedication ceremony over at the gazebo because that area can handle a lot of people. Also some thought has been given to use the Avon Middle School gym as an alternative site in the event of rain.

The reception would then be held here in the Old Town Hall. Jack Smith then asked for a committee of 2 to select the actual date. Jim Szipple and Lynette Bock volunteered.

Mr. Smith then stated that although Jennifer Maringo will assist with getting the press releases out - that we would need a publicity committee of our own to advertise the event locally. Bill Furnace and Rod Bock volunteered to be on this committee.

Mr. Smith then asked for volunteers to chair the receptions duties back at the Old Town Hall following the dedication and Nancy McGhee and Theresa Szipple agreed to chair this committee.

Jack Smith then reported that he and Jean Fischer had recently attended a meeting regarding the upcoming Ohio Bicentennial Celebration in 2003. At the meeting it was decided that each historical society could contribute to the general theme for Ohio - or they could display their own exhibit - or do both simultaneously.

He then passed out handouts outlining the committees suggestions. The Lorain County Historical Society will be overseeing this project in our area. We will submit everything to them. We do have 2 years to prepare for this - but we should start now.

Jean Fischer then read a letter from the Bicentennial Committee wanting nominations of women from Ohio who were/are famous. The deadline for the nominations is March 15, 2001.

Dr. Fischer reported that he had been contacted by Avon High School notifying us that on Thursday, February 15, 2001 from 7 to 8 p.m. there will be a `Taste of Avon' event at the high school.

They would like to have the Avon Historical Society provide a representative speaker to talk for 10 minutes on the history of Avon.

Mayor Smith will speak for 10 minutes on the town and the Superintendent of Schools will speak for 10 minutes regarding the Avon schools.

This event is an introduction to Avon for newcomers. They are planning on having 15 to 20 societies or clubs present. They will provide tables for handouts and Bill Furnace has agreed to show the Avon video for us. Jean Fischer was unanimously selected to be our speaker. Pat Furnace and Nancy McGhee volunteered to help man our table.

As the next order of business Dr. Fischer presented bills for $11.19 and $25.40 to the treasurer for reimbursement for the Christmas party spirits. A motion was made by Nancy McGhee and seconded by Anna Allen to pay the bills as presented. The motion was carried.

There being no further business to conduct upon motion by Anna Allen and seconded by Lynette Bock, the meeting was adjourned.

After the regular business meeting Jean Fischer presented a 20-minute Bicentennial tape on Ohio which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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