Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 10-5-05

President Jack Smith opened the October 5, 2005, meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 p.m. at The Old Town Hall with 23 members and guests present.

As the first order of business he asked the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting of September 7, 2005. Following the reading of the minutes Jack asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as read. There being none a motion to approve the minutes was made by Marilou Moorman, seconded by Sue Cory and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Jack then called upon treasurer Barb Wolf for a report. Barb reported that as of August 30th there is a balance of $2,379.79 in our checking account and $6,087.56 in the money market account. Jack inquired if there were any outstanding bills to present this evening and there were none.

As a first order of business Jack stated that in short the Arcadia Picture Book project is presently being proof-read. We have received the completed draft and in true teacher-style he used his red correction pen to indicate the many, many corrections in the book that need to be made by the publisher. It will be fed-exed out in the morning. More on this project at our next meeting.

Jack next took a moment to thank Chuck and Cheryl Huene for the wonderful job they did again the spring in summer in planting and maintaining the beautiful flowers in our flower boxes. It takes a lot of work and the results were beautiful. Thanks again.

Next Ralph White reported regarding the Detroit Road Ohio Scenic Byways project and stated that we are combining our efforts with Jack of the Sheffield Historical Society, Ed Herdendorf who are assisting in gathering information and photos as we are.

Ralph has taken over 100 photographs of Detroit Road and its surrounding buildings etc., with his 35 millimeter camera and we will be submitting approximately 50 of those photos. We have been told that it will take1 to 2 years for the application process and then hopefully they will approve it after coming here and driving the route from Westlake through Sheffield Village themselves.

Ralph emphasized that it would be helpful if we could flood the State officials with letters that support this issue; however he needs these letters by Monday October 10th and people could use their own imagination branching out from not just saving historical homes and businesses, but to local road-side-stands, old trees, etc., anything really.

Next Jack called on Bob Gates to report as our representative to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Bob stated that at their last meeting the 1 person who requested to be taken off the list failed to show up at the meeting. Once again the topic was brought up that our planning commission really needs to have guidelines drawn up to help them so when a questions comes up regarding a property and whether or not it has historical value, and what to do with it, the planning commission will have an ordinance in place to deal with it, which will help everyone including the developers.

Jack next mentioned that Joe Richvalsky said, regarding progress on the Williams House, that the owners are in the process of contacting sub-contractors to bid on what they want to do with the building. Basically they are facing enormous obstacles to accomplish this.

Dr. Fischer next reported on the progress of the Norton Townshend video project and he stated that Bill Furnas and he have begun the work and the holdup is we need someone to transcribe the actual speeches made at the dedication from the video tape we have, so we are still looking for help in this regard.

As a second thought Dr. Fischer mentioned that Ralph White had spent his own money on the film, etc., to photograph Detroit Road and he suggested that he be reimbursed for his cost. He was assured this would be taken care of tonight.

A short discussion was held regarding the storage of our Duct Tape replica of The Old Town Hall which is presently stored in the garage behind our building. As we are all aware the roof is in serious disrepair. Joanne Easterday reported that she had spoken to Jerry Plas and he was well aware of the problem. He has had a meeting scheduled with a contractor regarding repairs to not only the roof but the rafters, So far nothing has been done. She stated that she will call him again to see what the holdup is.

Ralph White then spoke to the members regarding Avon Isle and the article in the Avon Lake Press indicating that it was going to be restored. First the structure should get on the National Register of Historic Places and it will stand a better chance of obtaining funds that are available for restoration of historical buildings through grants. Ralph has an application and the President will assist in completing the paper work.

The members were reminded of the Black River Tour on Sunday October 9th. Talk to Jean after the meeting if you are interested to perhaps combine the exhibits in the Palace Theatre as well as the Lorain Library.

We are also invited to the exhibit of Lorain County Sacred Landmarks at Stocker Center in the Lorain County Community College until November 18th. Look at Sunday's, 10-1-05, Morning Journal for an excellent article on the exhibit.

Under miscellaneous business Ralph White suggested that we partially reimburse Ed Herdendorf, president of the Sheffield Village Historical Society for some of his expenses in assisting with the Scenic By-Ways project. A discussion followed and a motion was made by Ralph White and seconded by Bob Gates to make a contribution to him; the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary



November 2, 2005

Reading of minutes of meeting of October 5, 2005. Motion to approve and second.

Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.

Old Business

A. Detroit Rd. Ohio Scenic Byway, Ralph White

B. Report on the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Bob Gates

C. Update on the Williams House, Joe Richvalsky

D. Norton S. Townshend video committee, Del Fischer (More committee members are welcome)

E. Repair of fire station roof, JoAnne Easterday

F. Report on Black River Poster Tour, Jean Fischer

H. Sacred Landmarks Tour, Mary Ann Littell

I. _______________________________________________

New Business

A. Santa in the Old Town Hall/Avon Lions Club

B. Christmas Party, Avon VFW, December 7, 2005, Nancy NcGhee

C. __________________________________________________

Motion to Adjourn and Second


Jean Fischer will introduce Ernest Scuilli who will speak about Civil War enactment from his experience.

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