Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 9-5-07

President Jack Smith called the September 5, 2007, meeting of the Avon Historical Society to order at 7 p.m. About 28 members were present.

The June 6 meeting minutes were approved as read with Jim Szippl making the motion and George Bliss seconding.

Jack reported that there is $437.20 in the checking account and $6,421.37 in the money market account. The AHS received two checks from the French Creek Development Association. In an effort to advance awareness of Avon history, the Society worked with FCDA on an "Images of America" Arcadia Book. A check for $477.60 as repayment of 3/13/2006 loan advance and another check in the amount of $917.11, one half of the Avon book profit, were received.

A request has been made by the Avon Police Department for help from the society to establish a history of the Avon Police Department. Jack recalled that Sandy Linden was the first police chief and there is a single detention cell in the basement of Old Town Hall of 1871. (See NOTE below)

Ralph White reported that with Resolution 518, the Ohio Department of Transportation has designated Detroit Road as the North Ridge Scenic Byway. This came about after approval of the application compiled by Ralph and Ed Herdendorf, and endorsed by the County Commissioners and the County Engineer. The comprehensive application book is on file at the library and several members have copies.

Joe Richvalsky complimented Ralph on the significant accomplishment of gaining the scenic byway designation.

Bob Gates reported on the Landmark Preservation Commission. He said that St Mary Church would be doing a large addition. The Commission is dealing with the possible tear down of two homes to accomplish the addition.

Plans for landscaping Old Town Hall have been held up. Chuck Huene said that although plans were ready last spring a major donor backed out. Jim Szippl has secured other materials and is ready to go back to the city for approval. There should be results in the near future.

The application to designate Avon Isle as a national historic site is nearly completed and ready to be mailed next month, reported Ralph White. He said the application required special black and white, more permanent film development at a cost of about $125 to $130. Nancy McGee made a motion to authorize the cost. Bev O'Connell seconded. The motion passed.

Joe Richvalsky said the Williams house is under renovation with a scaled down plan. An addition will be made but not as massive as originally planned. He is waiting for a call for further details from one of the principals involved in the work.

Ralph White reported that Ron Larson is plugging away on the renovation of the Stone Eagle house. It has a new roof, the wall paper has been stripped and the fire places redone. The carriage house out back will be used as a dining room for the bed and breakfast. Next on the agenda is completion of the front entry and power washing the sand stone. The original stone eagle has been purchased off the internet. In the ensuing time it has been damaged.

Jack said that Avon Center School house has been reported to have been spared either demolition or moving. Developer Greg Romes is supposedly doing a Starbucks on site.

Jack said that on Wednesday, October 3 John Mercer will be the speaker for the Society and will address the History of the Cleveland Indians.

Jim said that there are presently 98 paid memberships.

Jim made the motion to adjourn. George Bliss seconded.

Jean Fischer introduced the speaker Sara Hobbs, Associate Director of the Heritage Partner Development of the Cleveland Restoration Society. Her topic was "Maintenance and Energy Efficiency for Your Older Home."

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday



Three items of interest: 1. History of the Avon Police, 2. Preservation Network Survey, and 3. teaching a Junior Acievement history class at the Middle School.

1. The Avon Police Department would like to learn more about its history and present it to the community. Quoting from our 9-6-07 Minutes:

"A request has been made by the Avon Police Department for help from the society to establish a history of the Avon Police Department. Jack recalled that Sandy Linden was the first police chief and there is a single detention cell in the basement of Old Town Hall of 1871".

This could be a fascinating research project. If you are interested, please contact Janet Barvincak at 934-1234, and let us know about it at our meeting on 10-3-07.

2. Please take the Lorain County Preservation Network survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?smhjjTaWDF6YDvSyvPutlv1g_3d_3d We want your input.

3. Junior Achievement

Source: "Marny Havas"

The volunteer will teach students about the business and economic development of the USA during the 19th century. The visits are once a week for one class period (see below) for 6 weeks. Training and materials are provided. There is no charge to the school or volunteers, and our curriculum follows state academic standards.

For more info, log on to http://www.ja.org and go to Programs/Middle Grades/America Works/Program Summary

The times available at Avon Middle School for the 8th graders are:

8:05 am to 8:54 am

8:58 am - 9:46 am

9:50 am- 10:39 am

1:22 pm - 2:10 pm

2:14 pm - 3:02 pm

Marny Havas, Program Director, Junior Achievement, 105 Court Street #708, Elyria, Ohio 44035, P: 440-323-5344, Fax: 440-323-0068


Again, if you are interested, let us know on 10-3-07.



I. Reading of the minutes of the meeting of September 5, 2007.

II. Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.

III. Old Business

A. Railing from the Wilford Hotel, Ralph White

B. Landmarks Preservation Commission, Bob Gates

C. Landscaping Committee, Chuck Huene:

D. Membership Report, Theresa Szippl

E. Avon Police history, 934-1234, and Junior Achievement, 323-5344, Jack Smith

IV. New Business

A. On Wednesday, November 7, 2007: He Does Bird Calls Too! - Gary Gerrone, Lorain County Metro Parks

B. Other

V. Adjourn Meeting


Jean Fischer will introduce John Mercer who will present the History of the Cleveland Indians,

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