Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 4-7-03

President Jack Smith opened the April 7, 2003 meeting of the Avon Historical at 7:00 p.m. with 37 members and guests being present.

As a first order of business Jack asked the secretary to read the minutes from the last meeting. Following the reading of the minutes upon a motion by Anna Allen and second by Jim Szippl, the minutes were approved as read.

Jack then asked Barb Wolf for the treasurer's report and she reported as follows: as of today, the checking account has a balance of $556.19, and the money market has a balance of $5,895.68. The president asked if there were any outstanding bills to turn over to the treasurer, and there were none.

Moving on to current business Jack asked Jean Fischer for a report from the Bicentennial Committee. Jean reported that she and Eric Schatschneider are in the process of putting a letter together to send to our city officials, etc., inviting them to our club's reception on Tuesday evening, May 6th at the French Creek Nature Center.

We have also learned that the French Creek Association will be having demonstration set up that evening also. A short discussion was held as to what to do about refreshments and it was deferred to our refreshment committee of Theresa Szippl and Nancy McGhee to decide what we will do.

Be reminded that on Monday, May 5th we will have our normal meeting. On Tuesday, May 6th we will be hosting our invited guests from the city.

Jack further reported that most of the slots for our 3 days - May 5, 6 and 7 are pretty well filled up. Apparently after they sent the sign up sheets to our club they added 2 more slots so we pretty much missed out on those times. If anyone wants to sign up please contact Matt Kocsis at 800-526-7275 or 949-5200 directly and he will let you know what times are available to fill.

A short discussion followed regarding the training sessions held for the exhibit that were held last week. Many of our members attended and thought they gave an excellent presentation. However, Cheryl Huene stated that she felt that its important that the docents have the information packets in their possession ahead of time which were not available at the time of the training sessions.

We have learned that the packets should arrive by April 10th when they will be made available.

Once again if anyone has any extra time they want to volunteer and earn more points for our club, please contact Matt Kocsis. He has told us that there are about 300 slots at varying times still available to be filled.

Jack then asked Ron Larson for an update on the Lewis House. Ron stated that now that the weather has improved so has the progress on the home - the utilities are in - the basement has been poured - he has located sand stone from the Amherst quarries to match - they have replaced the mop boards by having a carpenter cut out the same design as was in the home originally - the 2 fireplaces have been restored - and the chimneys have been restored. He stated that he hopes to have a private opening during the month of May and to be fully operational the first week of June.

Ron further reported that he will be going in front of the planning commission on April 15th for the purpose of the presentation of the Blackwell Barn. Ron has used the same architect who designed our new fire station. The structure will be an actual 1851 German Dutch Barn. He has been working with Ohio State University's "friends of barns" in this effort. This group will be having a conference in Chillicothe at the end of April that Ron hopes to attend. The barn will be 42 by 55 and will be 27 feet high and will be of a timber frame construction and will have a lot of gingerbread trim.

Continuing on with current issues Jack reported that participation and attendance at the Spring Fling this past weekend in town was slim because of the extremely cold weather conditions, however, all of the events went off. There was a dulcimer demonstration here in the hall along with a flower display and 2 days of a quilting demonstration with Avon Historical members Jean Fischer, Pat Furnace and Jane Ehman displaying their talents in period costumes. Also along the wall you will find all the Eagles that were entered in the decorating contest. However, we do not have the winners list.

Moving on to new business Jack again reminded everyone of the upcoming Bicentennial celebration to be held at the French Creek Nature Center in Sheffield and in particular our club's nights of May 5th, 6th and 7th. Again on May 5th we will have our regular meeting - which as always is open to the public. Then on May 6th is the official "Avon night" when we have extended invitations to city officials, etc., This is the date that we will advertise heavily for a big turnout. And then on Wednesday, May 7th we have planned a program around our own Bill Balunek who will be speaking on the history of aviation in Lorain County and Ohio. It would be nice if as many of us as possible could attend Bill's presentation on Wednesday.

In order to speed the meeting along since we have a very interesting guest speaker Jack asked that unless someone had any other new business to discuss this evening, that we would dispense with committee reports.

Again, as a final note Jack reminded everyone that our next meeting on May 5th would be at the French Creek Nature Center and our program that evening would be a tour of the exhibit.

There being no further business to conduct, upon a motion by Jean Fischer and seconded by Theresa Szippl, the meeting was adjourned.

Jean Fischer then introduced a very dear friend of ours Millie Arthrell from Oberlin who will speak this evening on the life of Theodore Roosevelt. As always Millie's presentation was fascinating and extremely enjoyable.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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