Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 2-7-07

President Jack Smith called the February 7, 2006, meeting of the Avon Historical Society to order at 7:02 p. m. at the Old Town Hall. About 100 members and guests were present.

Jim Szippl moved and Nancy McGhee seconded approving the November 1, 2006 minutes. Voice vote unanimously approved.

Treasurer Barb Wolfe reported a checking account balance of $949.09 and savings at $6,280.42.

Jack congratulated George Bliss on a letter to the media urging connecting Chester Rd. to Bradley Rd., especially in view of Westlake's desire to close Avon Road.

Jack introduced Marilyn Fedelchak-Harley of the Lorain County Preservation Network who reported on some of the criteria established by Lorain County for application to the county's plaque program . The 13 entities making up the group meet quarterly for networking and review of the applications.

Jack reiterated that the Stone Eagle House and the Wilbur Cahoon house should be considered for a plaque from the Lorain County Preservation Network.

Jack also reported that there will be a workshop entitled "Is It Historic or Just Old?" sponsored by the Network on April 12 at the Sheffield Village Town Hall, 4820 Detroit Road, 7 p. m. Marilyn will be conducting the workshop.

The March 7, 2007, AHS meeting will be a presentation entitled "Story of a Patriot."

Jack dispensed with reports during the meeting in order to proceed rapidly to the presentation of the brass plaques commemorating some of the century homes in Avon as determined by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Bill Furnas moved to adjourn the meeting and Jim Szippl seconded, followed by a unanimous voice approval.

Carol Hartwig, Chair of the Commission, then did the plaque presentations.

Respectfully submitted by JoAnne Easterday, Secretary

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