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The "front" house of Olde Avon Village is the original farmhouse of the Mathias Alten property, and is the location of the Tree House Gallery andTea Room.

The designations "Alten-Casper House" and "Gibbs - Binns House" are used to indicate the first and last families to actually own and use the houses as family homes.

The Gibbs-Binns House was formerly located on the east side of Stoney Ridge Rd., the second building south of the Town Hall of 1871.

According to information provided by Dr. Delbert Fischer and Mrs. Jean Fischer, the land was purchased by Jonathan Gibbs in 1847. No house is shown on the property map of 1851; but a house is shown on the land on the property map of 1857. So it is safe to say that this Greek Revival home was built "about" 1850.

Peter Loux (Laux) owned the house from 1870 to 1881. His daughter, Gertrude, was later to marry Peter Binns who, according to the records of 1874, had a store at Avon Center (corner of SR-83 and SR-254). Peter Binns is listed in 1874 as a dealer in "dry goods, boots, shoes, Yankee notions, hardware, and crockery."

Peter Binns bought the house in 1890; and the property map of 1896 shows a store, as well as the house, on the land. This store also served as an "undertaking establishment."

Peter Binns died in 1901, and Gertrude Laux Binns died in 1921, leaving the property to her daughter, Veronica Binns, locally known as "Fronnie" Binns. The store was used as a post office beginning in the 1920's; and, in 1968, it became Smitty's Barber Shop.

In 1933, the Gibbs - Binns house was rented to Dr. Taylor Smith, where he began his practice on the first floor. The family lived upstairs; and (Jack) Taylor J. Smith was born in 1934, while (Tad) Charles B. Smith was born in 1936. (After 1936, the Smiths moved to their home on Detroit Rd. (Terry) Terrence A. Smith was born in 1940.)

In 1987, Bill Smith (See Descendants of Joseph Casper ) gave the house to Dr. Delbert Fischer who moved it to 36840 Detroit Rd., Olde Avon Village.

The Gibbs - Binns House in 2000 held the French Creek Fiber Arts Studio , phone 440-934-1236, -- See Article.

The Quartermaster General has been open in the Binns House since July 2012. See

Here are some photos of the house being moved to Olde Avon Village:

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