Avon Historical Society, Avon, Ohio

The Avon Historical Society was formed in 1964 and now meets in the beautifully restored Old Town Hall of 1871.

There have been four decades of achievement. For example, Mrs. Jean Fischer has taken programs on Avon's history to young people in the third, seventh, and eighth grades of Avon's schools.

"The Avon Story" is a recently completed video-tape history of the City from 1814 to today. "The Talking Quilt" is a sound-slide story of the national award-winning quilt created by members of the Avon Historical Society in celebration of the Nation's bicentennial. These and other programs are available in video format.

Minutes of the Avon Historical Society

A single-person membership is $5 per year, a couple membership is $7.50, and a family membership is $12.00 annually.

The Avon Historical Society meets on the first Wednesday of each month. except during the summer, at 7 pm at the Old Town Hall of 1871, corner of Detroit Road and Stoney Ridge Road.


Avon Historical Society

2940 Stoney Ridge Road

Avon, OH 44011


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