Williams House (1836), 37300 Detroit Road, Avon, Ohio

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Williams House will remain

This description is based on information compiled by the Avon Historical Society.

The first owner of record of the Henry Harrison Williams House was Calvin Bronson who acquired it in 1836, selling it to Henry Harrison Williams, in 1844, who established and operated a mercantile business in the house, which is built of native wood cut at the H. H. Williams Sawmill and Lumber Yard.

The Williams House is an outstanding Avon century home; and it is one of three Avon homes on the National Register of Historic Places provided by the U. S. Department of the Interior.

Williams House
The Williams House

The PRESS, 6-13-01, By Mike Ferrari

AVON -- ... History repeats itself, unless that history is inaccurate.

Over 20 people that were interested in the rezoning of property along Detroit Road near the Historical French Creek District attended council last week but received some confusing information.

Avon Council has been discussing the rezoning of property along Detroit known as the Williams House as it pertains to preservation of Avon's historical treasures. Before concerned residents could comfortable in their seats before the meeting, the issue that at one time appeared to be clear-cut, got muddled by past mistakes.

Bob and Carol Nelson own the property in question and are trying to earn a zoning change from residential (R2) to commercial (C2). Upon the completion of research that was conducted by Avon Planning Commission Chairman Jim Piazza, City Engineer Mike Bramhall and Zoning Enforcement officer Tim Krugman the request might not be needed.

According to a 1969 map that Piazza had for the meeting, a large portion of the property is already zoned commercial. There is however, a small .0188-acre parcel of land that slipped through the paperwork and cracks from the different administrations over the years ... ''

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 6-23-04, By Julie A. Short

``Williams House will remain, optometry office and retail planned

AVON -- When the "For Sale" sign went up on the Henry Harrison Williams House (circa 1836) on the corner of Detroit and French Creek roads, many thought a piece of Avon's history would be lost.

There had been rumors circulating the home would be torn down to make way for a Taco Bell or Walgreens. Fear not, the home has been purchased and will remain intact ... The new shop will be named "The Williams House," ...

Avon-resident Mike Petrillo, along with Bay Village optometrist Dr. Tom Kelly have purchased the property and plan to build two approximately 2,000-sq.-ft. buildings behind the home. One of the buildings will accommodate office or retail, and the other will be a 2- or 3-story office building for Kelly's practice.

"We are trying to turn the area into a 'village' and 'park-like' setting," Petrillo said. "Dusty's Tavern is moving into the space once occupied by the Yukon Tavern so we will all share parking, plus add a few additional spaces of our own. Plans also include improving the landscaping at the corner and adding new signage. We'd like to be able to do something to make the corner a little nicer."

Petrillo also noted that he is close to finalizing a deal to add an ice cream parlor to the retail area slated for construction directly behind the house. In the future, the buildings may be connected.

"Paul Burik (French Creek District consulting architect) liked the idea," Petrillo said. "This is exactly the village atmosphere he was hoping for. The 15 antique dealers at Sweet Caroline's wish to stay so the corner will be a nice mix of old and new. I wanted to do everything in my power to see the city stay the way it is. I moved here five years ago because I liked the character of Avon. We never had plans to tear the house down. It's a piece of history."

Carol Nelson, owner of the Williams House for the past nine years was happy the new owners plan to keep the home and enhance the area. "I've enjoyed being a part of Avon," Nelson said. "It has been a successful business for me, but it's time to move on and spend more time with my family. We've had a wonderful group of dealers here and I will miss all of them." ... "It's the best of both worlds. The house will remain and the new owners can put their own stamp on it. They are very nice people."

Rae Speaker has been an antique dealer at Sweet Caroline's for seven years and is pleased the shop will remain. "We are very happy the house will be preserved," she said. "It's a wonderful old house. I'm very glad to stay here and serve the antique buyers here and I'm sure that goes for the other dealers. The new owners have been great to us and we are pleased with the plans they have for the area. We see it as a positive thing."

Mark Yager, president of Y Architects, is responsible for drawing up the plans and once the sale of the property closes on July 23, construction is expected to begin in the coming weeks, once city officials approve the plans.''


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