Morgan Nagel

NEWS ARTICLE from The Chronicle Telegram, 9-6-04, By Jeff Mohrman

``Fair's loss is food bank's gain

AVON -- Morgan Nagel can't stand the thought of not helping someone who needs it. Morgan, 12, a member of the Avon Pioneers 4-H Club, couldn't sell her lamb, 'Kupkake,' at the Lorain County Junior Fair, as Kupkake fell two pounds shy of the fair's 90-pound weight limit required for sale. But rather than get discouraged, Morgan decided to try and put some more weight on Kupkake, then donate the lamb to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Making the donation is a decision that made her feel good. "Instead of letting it go to somebody who has the money, I'd rather give it to somebody who doesn't have the money," she said. "People around the campsite (at the fairgrounds) thought it was a pretty cool idea," she said.

Her father, Kevin Nagel, said he's proud of Morgan's efforts and decision. "This kid's got the biggest heart I've seen. Morgan has always put her heart out for everybody," he said. "It makes a parent proud ..." The lamb should be ready for donation by Thanksgiving, he said.

Morgan's mother, Toni Nagel, an adviser with the 4-H club, said there was a lot of work put into getting the lamb ready for the fair. She said some of the other members of the club helped pitch in wherever they could. "It's her second year," she said. "She's a good kid. She's a hard worker."

Morgan said when she first got the lamb, it had a dark brown color, and it reminded her of a chocolate cupcake, but she wanted to put her own twist to the spelling on the name. "I just thought it would be different. I haven't seen anyone at the fair do it," she said. But next year's challenges at the fair get a little bigger. In addition to taking another lamb, she also plans to show a steer.''

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