The Agricultural Fair of 9-28-1875, Awarding Committees:

Horses -- Charles Hall, Harry Torrill, Hiram Burrell
Cattle -- Horatio Torrill, Thomas Hurst, E. A. Day
Sheep -- John Ellson, Josiah Hurst, John Carter, Sr.
Swine -- Edwin Byington, Wm. Laudon, L. Crandell
Poultry -- N. S. Townshend, J. B. Wood, E. Snow, E. D. Hicks
Mechanics Work -- no committee shown
(men's fine boots, men's coarse boots, women's shoes, single harness, double harness, farm wagon, buggy, flour barrel, pork barrel, wash tub, bureau, bedstead, horse shoes & nails, gate irons)
Farm Products -- Sam'l Gillett, O. B. Cahoon, E. Jackson
(wheat, oats, barley, corn, Timothy Seed, Clover Seed) Vegetables -- Jno. Blackwell, A. Townshend, J. Lester
(early potatoes, late potatoes, Turnips, Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Beets, Water Mellons, Musk Mellons, Cabbages, Squashes, Pumpkins)
Fruits - illegible; Dairy Products - illegible; Flowers - illegible
Domestic Manufacture -- Mrs. C. A. Fitch, Mrs. O. B. Cahoon, Mrs. T. Wilder
(Coverlet, yarn carpet, rag carpet, woolen socks, cotton socks, woolen mittens, domestic tailoring)
Ornamental Work -- Mrs. M. Townshend, Mrs. H. H. Williams, Mrs. Langdon
(worsted embroidery, silk ", cotton ", paintings ", drawings "
Miscellaneous Articles -- H. H. Williams, W. L. Smith, Mrs. Ford

[OFFICERS:] N. S. Townshend, Pres., Geo. S. Phelps, Secretary, Wm. L. Smith, Treasurer, Cyrus A. Fitch, Marshall