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Norma Higgins
2965 Hayes St.
Avon, 44011
or call 934-4417
or email normer103@aol.com

Avon City Council will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers, 36080 Chester Road, Avon.

Take a look at what's cooking at Avon schools Dec. 10 to 17:

Avon Elementary

Today: Hotdog, fries, diced pears

Tuesday: Beef sandwich, vegetable soup, applesauce

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, green beans, diced peaches

Thursday: French toast sticks, sausage patty, hashbrowns, orange juice

Friday: Sloppy joe, tator tots, fruit cocktail

Monday: Hamburger, peas, applesauce

Avon Middle and High School

Today: Pizza, rice pilaf, veggies, pineapple tidbits

Tuesday: Soft beef taco, refried bean casserole, diced peaches

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, caesar salad, fruit cocktail

Thursday: French toast sticks, sausage patty, hashbrown, orange juice

Friday: Footlong hotdog, tator tots, diced pears

Monday: Pizza, peas, applesauce

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