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Norma Higgins
2965 Hayes St.
Avon, 44011
or call 934-4417
or email normer103@aol.com

The Avon Historical Society: will meet at 7 pm on Monday, 11-3-03, at the Old Town Hall of 1871, corner of Detroit and Stoney Ridge. Millie Arthrell will present "LUCY STONE," an early feminist working for the abolition of slavery. Remember to vote on Tuesday, 11-4-03.

Read aloud!: During the month of November, families are invited to participate in a Family Read Aloud activity. Starting Nov. 1, stop in at the Avon Branch Library and pick up a Read Aloud packet for your family. Read aloud any books you choose with your family for an average of 15 minutes per day. Once your family has completed eight hours of reading no later than Dec. 1, bring your completed reading record to the library and receive small prizes. For more information, call the library at 934-4743.

What's cooking at Avon schools Oct. 27 to Nov. 3:


Today: Peanut butter and jelly wrap, carrot sticks, apple, milk

Tuesday: Chicken and cheese pocket, fries, peaches, milk

Wednesday: Mexi-pizza, cheesy bean dip, tortilla chips, fruit snacks, milk

Thursday: Creamy macaroni and cheese, green beans, applesauce, milk

Friday: Spaghetti and meatballs, corn, breadstick, fruit, milk

Monday: Pretzel with cheese sauce, broccoli bites, orange smiles, milk

Middle/High school:

Today: Mexi-pizza, salad, pineapple, milk

Tuesday: Italian chicken and cheese pocket, veggie salad, fruit Jell-O, milk

Wednesday: Creamy macaroni and cheese, roll, beans, applesauce, milk

Thursday: Mini pancakes, blueberry syrup, breakfast ham, hash brown, milk

Friday: Pepperoni casserole, breadstick, corn, fruit, milk

Monday: Sicilian calzone with marinara dipping sauce, pineapple bites, milk

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