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Ron Paul raises the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate

  • 1-21-08: Ron Paul's "money bomb" TODAY


    ``Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Republican Presidential Candidate

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Congressman Ron Paul, thank you for being with us.

    REP. RON PAUL (R), Texas: Thank you for having me.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: You are somewhat of a sensation among young people in this country. They are -- you've broken all records for Web searches. You're on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, I guess more than just about any other candidate ...

    JUDY WOODRUFF: ... how do you explain it?

    REP. RON PAUL: Young ideas, a fantastic idea about individual freedom and allowing people to do what they want and take care of their lives, their lives belong to them, and get the government off their backs, and offer them low taxes, and make sure I never mess around with the Internet. Don't tax the Internet, and don't regulate the Internet.

    You know, freedom is a very popular idea, and young people love it, and they're open to ideas. And they like principled answers to our problems ...

    It was an experiment, you know, with our country, but we have forgotten about it, and I'm reminding them about this great experiment of freedom, and they love it. And I am just so delighted when I see the young people coming.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: They also seem to be attracted, among other things, to your position on the war in Iraq. You want to get U.S. troops out of there, not just get them out, but get them out as soon as possible. You're the only Republican running who has that position.

    Do you ever think there's something strange about the fact that you're the only member of your party running for president with that position?

    REP. RON PAUL: Yes, I wonder where they've gone, because just think how much benefit the Republicans have had on the position I hold now. Just think, I remember in the early years when I was voting, Eisenhower was popular, stopped the war in Korea ...

    So I think they have forgotten their roots, and they're hurting for it. I don't know why they turn against these views that I'm expressing, which are Republican views ...

    [People] love the idea that you can be conservative and still be against the war and still be for civil liberties, and then also for free markets and balanced budgets. So this is a very Republican message.

    Ron Paul, Republican Presidential Candidate: We've created chaos. The longer we stay the more chaos and the more expenses we're going to have.

    Iraq and extremism

    JUDY WOODRUFF: On Iraq, as you know, the president, all your fellow Republicans say the U.S. has got to stay there in one form or another to fight Islamic extremism. Why are they wrong about that?

    REP. RON PAUL: Because our presence there makes extremism worse. We're more vulnerable to terrorism because we're over there occupying their country, and they resent it. We would resent it if China occupied our country. What if China came? They look different, they have a different religion, they're going to impose their religious values and their political values on us. We'd be furious, and yet we're over there, so we incite the radicals against us.

    After 9/11, we went into Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, we've occupied two countries now. They were already complaining that our support for countries like Saudi Arabia and our military presence in Saudi Arabia was one of the inciting reasons for them to come here. So we did exactly the opposite of what we were supposed to do. Now we're in worse shape.

    Our military is run down. We've spent a half a trillion dollars. We've lost all these men and women. We've had 40,000 serious casualties. And all we can do is dig in our heels and say, "Well, we can't leave because there will be chaos." We've created chaos. The longer we stay the more chaos and the more expenses we're going to have.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you think that, if the U.S. left Iraq, pulled out of that region altogether, that the Islamic extremists would no longer be a threat to the United States? Is that what you're saying?

    REP. RON PAUL: It wouldn't be that simple, because just moving away, you'd still have the problems and the resentments. They're not going to dissipate overnight.

    But I'm talking about a noninterventionist foreign policy. The founding fathers taught us about it, no entangling alliance. Don't get involved in the internal affairs. If you eventually did that in the Middle East, yes, we would be less vulnerable ...

    JUDY WOODRUFF: How do you define the U.S. interests that are worth fighting for? If the U.S. shouldn't be in Iraq, shouldn't be, as you say, in these entangling alliances in Saudi Arabia and other countries, you've got U.S. troops now in South Korea, in Europe, what are the interests that the U.S. military...

    REP. RON PAUL: They don't serve our interests. They just participate in our bankruptcy. We're spending $500 billion a year we don't have. It's part of the reasons we have a financial crisis, a dollar crisis going on right now. It's intertwined with our Federal Reserve System, because we rely on the Federal Reserve to print this money and create money out of thin air.

    All empires end, end badly, for economic reasons, because you can't afford them. If you look out through all of history, eventually they collapse. And you may be militarily powerful, but eventually you undermine the finances.

    The Soviet system collapsed. I was drafted during the Cuban crisis. We thought we were going to have a hot war. We never did. The Soviet system collapsed, because they couldn't afford it, and their system was nonviable.

    Our system isn't viable, either. We can't have a current account deficit of $800 billion a year. We can't owe foreigners $2.7 trillion and think we can keep paying them interest and keep borrowing money. They'll quit doing it, and that's why the dollar is weakening.

    And that's why we face a major crisis. And all I want to do is stop it from collapsing, and that means you have to change foreign policy. You have to save a lot of money. If we want to tide some people over here, the only way we can take care of the people who are sick and dependent on government programs is by cutting somewhere else. And I say we have to cut our empire back in order to save our economy here.

    Rep. Ron Paul, Republican Presidential Candidate: Congress has no idea what the CIA is doing, because nobody knows, other than what the CIA is. It is one of the things that is not characteristic of a free society.

    Cutting back on government's size

    JUDY WOODRUFF: You do, as you are now, talk a lot, you talk often about cutting back the size of government ...

    REP. RON PAUL: ... The easiest thing to change our plan on is: Don't accept this notion that it's our responsibility to police the world. It backfires on us. There's too many blowback consequences. There's unintended consequences, and the financial is the big one. And so we have to change that ...

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    JUDY WOODRUFF: You'd do away with the CIA, I saw. Is that correct or not?

    REP. RON PAUL: Well, not all of the functions, but essentially so. The CIA is what gets us into trouble. I mean, the CIA is what really started things in the Middle East, because the CIA went in and overthrew Mosaddeq in 1953. We put in the shah. The CIA murdered Diem, or participated in the overthrow of the government in Vietnam, which leads to trouble.

    It's a secret government. Congress has no idea what the CIA is doing, because nobody knows, other than what the CIA is. It is one of the things that is not characteristic of a free society.

    [To get some idea of what the CIA is doing, see for "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil," by Michael C. Ruppert; On the web see]

    JUDY WOODRUFF: ... You're not the first person to run for president who wanted a smaller government. Ronald Reagan, I mean, name comes immediately to mind. He was very popular as president, and yet even he had a very hard time getting government spending down in any serious way. Why do you believe you could do where he had a hard time?

    REP. RON PAUL: I can't do it by myself. There has to be a consensus. And I think this is what my campaign is finding out, that there is a consensus.

    People don't believe the government any more ... Young people, especially, don't expect to get any Social Security. So conditions are just ripe for this, because we have an imminent bankruptcy coming on. And people are sensing this ...

    My goal is just to have a transition period so you don't have a collapse of the economy and a breakdown of the political system, which happens if you don't deal with this. And this is what's happened so many times over history.

    Rep. Ron Paul Republican Presidential Candidate: As a commander-in-chief, I could neutralize some of the antagonism in the Middle East. Why are we threatening and ready to spread the war into Iran?

    Plans to bring troops home

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, what are some of the first things you would do? ...

    REP. RON PAUL: ... as a commander-in-chief, I could neutralize some of the antagonism in the Middle East. Why are we threatening and ready to spread the war into Iran?

    Even the Democrats aren't willing to speak out against that. They say, "Don't take any options off the table," even nuclear first strikes against Iran. Now the Democrats aren't even saying bring the troops home before 2013. You know, five years, they don't expect to bring the troops home from Iraq.

    Those aren't alternatives. And so I could do that immediately. I'd bring that Navy back. I would bring the troops home from Korea. Let them work out their problems. Fifty years is enough, 55 years, that's plenty of time. They're begging and pleading to just be left alone, and the South and the North would be together within five years if we weren't there.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: So just basically, again, defend the borders of the United States?

    REP. RON PAUL: Defend our interests, defend our liberties, and we do not need to be occupying Europe and Japan, Korea, all these countries. We have troops in 130 countries. We have 750 bases around the world. We can't afford it, and it causes trouble for us ...

    JUDY WOODRUFF: A couple other positions I was reading about, domestic or social issues, you are pro-gun rights ...

    REP. RON PAUL: ... My complaint about 9/11 was, the responsibility didn't fall on the airlines. It fell on the government, and the government said, "No guns on the airplane." Pilots weren't allowed to have guns. And the passengers were instructed, "Never resist, you know, somebody, a takeover." ...

    The airlines should be responsible, and owners should be responsible. School management people should have responsibility.

    Most of our plants, in my district, are chemical plants. They're protected not by government. You know, they have their fences and their guards, and they're well-protected. So there's nothing wrong with resorting to people assuming that private protection is pretty efficient ...

    JUDY WOODRUFF: And on airplanes, you said pilots should be allowed...

    REP. RON PAUL: The owner of the airplane, just like the owner of an armored car makes sure his cargo is safe, the airlines should make sure we, as passengers, are safe ...''


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    We have more than an election to win. We have a country to save. Sincerely, Ron Paul

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    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 11-7-07, by Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press

    [Ron Paul raises the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate.]

    ``WASHINGTON -- Ron Paul's head-snapping fund raising puts a new face on a campaign that the media, politicians and much of the public had relegated to the sidelines. The Texas congressman is now the presidential candidate tugging at the establishment's coat.

    Funneled through the Internet, Paul's one-day loot totaled $4.3 million from about 37,000 donors, considered the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate.

    Paul is indeed an online force who attracts support from people who do not fit easily into the standard Democratic and Republican political pigeonholes. His fame, such as it is, stems from the political [position] that has defined his candidacy: the only Republican opposed to the war in Iraq.

    Paul leans libertarian in his ideology and cites the Constitution as his guide. He opposes law enforcement or anti-terrorism measures that he believes encroach on civil liberties ... He favors limiting immigration and strengthening border security.

    In that sense, he appeals to voters who may be happy mixing and matching their political views. To other Republicans, Paul represents an enigma. Does his support suggest a potential base of support that could surprise them two months from now on caucus day in Iowa or primary day in New Hampshire? ...

    New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen said Paul has the potential to upend the early primaries with a third- or fourth-place finish in the state, above some of the candidates who are expected to be among the top contenders ...

    A check of Paul's Internet support shows a vast array of fans. Libertarian sites sing his praises, as do anti-war veterans and voters angry at the Internal Revenue Service for what they perceive as government intrusion.''

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    Mitt Romney 51%

    Ron Paul 14%

    John McCain 13%

    Mike Huckabee 8%

    Fred Thompson 8%

    Duncan Hunter 2%


    Ron Paul Poster

    Topic: Presidential Campaign 2008

    by USAF Vet Dan (Libertarian)

    [Ron Paul's "money bomb" TODAY, 1-21-08]

    ``Ron Paul's supporters have organized their next big "money bomb" for January 21 [2008] - Martin Luther King Day. Why that day?

    Shhh keep quiet!

    From the time Ron Paul threw his hat into the presidential primary ring, the ten-term Republican Congressman from Texas has been sequestered by the main stream media. Like the proverbial red-headed step child, Paul's candidacy was and continues to be treated like a political pariah. Evidence of this abounds and has been the subject of countless articles by both supporters and non-supporters alike.

    To counter this unfair treatment, his grass roots supporters organized a number of "money bombs" to demonstrate that the Ron Paul Revolution was real, significant, and not merely comprised of a minute handful of crafty, internet-savvy spammers.

    The first most notable of these cascades of cash came last November 5th when about $4.2 million was raised... along with the eyebrows of the main stream media. Inspired by the movie "V for Vendetta" with its correlation to Guy Fawks Day, the message was clear. The dollars donated were its contributors' cry for reclaiming essential liberties. With the brief media coverage that followed came a huge burst of growth of the Legions of Paulites. "Ooops!" said the MSM. "Better reverse course! We can't have this anti-establishment statesman endangering our powerful cabal!"

    Next came the big Kahuna - December 16th [2007] - the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The freedom fighters' choice of that day needs no explanation. The $6.2 million freedom bomb set an all time record for the most donations made in a single day for a presidential candidate. Surely that would force the end to the media bias against Paul! But alas, the shroud of silence continued. It seems apparent that the general rule is "don't mention Ron Paul's name... but if you do, make sure you make it clear that 'he cannot win' and that he is a fringe candidate supported by obnoxious kooks." Americans not in a propaganda-induced state of brain slumber have had no problem connecting the dots.

    Such outrageous, transparent actions give undeniable credence to the assertion that the five corporations who control the lion's share of the main stream media

    are working in the interests of those who will benefit from preserving the status quo.

    Why Martin Luther King Day?

    So why was Martin Luther King Day the grass roots' choice for the next cash cascade? It would be dishonest to state that the timing before Super Tuesday wasn't a factor. But it seems that the Paulites desire to make another statement. There are many commonalities that Paul and King share.

    King's battle for civil (a.k.a. Constitutional) rights was vilified by the MSM. He was the subject of a myriad of dirty tricks including illegal wiretaps by government agencies, dirt-digging missions into his personal life, and factual distortions perpetuated by the MSM. While some may view the welfare programs he promoted as being destructive to African American families, nobody can argue that King's use of peaceful civil disobedience to achieve liberty was honorable, effective, and noble.

    Like King, Paul is fighting for personal liberty. His track record shows that his devotion to the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein has been unbendable. While it is very difficult to distort that record, his enemies have dredged up decade-old allegations of racist-tinged statements made by others in his newsletter. These were done without his knowledge while he was back devoting full time to his medical practice.

    Any honest person who has spends five minutes reading Paul's side of the story will easily conclude that Ron Paul doesn't have a racist cell in his body. To the contrary, his life's work defending Constitutional rights for ALL as well as the countless number of minorities to whom he provided free medical services proves the allegations as false. Racism is a form of collectivism which is contrary to his libertarian philosophy.

    That is why Martin Luther King Day is an appropriate day for Ron Paul's next money bomb. It is a day for his supporters to make a statement to America and to the world. Freedom and liberty for all is worth every penny plus more.

    Boom or pop?

    Some have anticipated that this money bomb may fizzle attributing the potential for a poor response to his lack of a "win" in the five states voting thus far. But Ron Paul is in a solid fourth place with no clear leader among the top three. His second place victory in Nevada makes it clear that Ron Paul is still a viable candidate. More importantly, he is sitting on a heap of cash while other candidates cannot pay their staffs' salaries. Paul's supporters are starting to see the brilliance of their candidate's crafty plan and remain committed and undaunted.

    The MLK Day money bomb cash added to his impressive war chest will allow the Paul Campaign to make a huge impact on Super Tuesday. For these reasons, the wise have not written off Ron Paul.

    And finally, the Paulites' love for their candidate is second only to their love of Constitutional freedom. While they desire a victory for Paul, their actions are driven by a higher calling. They understand that the return to Constitutional government is an endeavor bigger than a mere presidential election.

    Their contributions are as much for the freedom war as they are for the presidential campaign battle. Because of that, that loud "cha-ching" sound you'll hear on MLK Day will be the millions of dollars flooding into Paul's campaign coffers.''


    Ron Paul 2008 -- Hope for America -- Donate now

    We have more than an election to win. We have a country to save. Sincerely, Ron Paul


    ARTICLE from The Sentinel (Ohio State University), 1-23-08,

    by Jason Rink

    ``Ron Paul: The Red-Headed Step Child of the GOP

    After breaking the single-day Primary fund-raising record on November 5th [2007], with a $4.2 million haul, Ron Paul supporters did it again on December 16th: dubbed Tea Party '07, the campaign raised roughly $6.1 million in just twenty-four hours.

    The date was chosen in remembrance of the Boston Tea Party, and the event was spearheaded by Trevor Lyman. Lyman, a music promoter turned grassroots fund-raiser, was the mastermind of both Tea Party '07 and the November 5th "money bomb."

    The event was made a success by Paul's formidable army of supporters, with 59,170 donors contributing an average of a $102 apiece. This is the largest amount of funds ever raised in one day by a candidate in political history. The previous record holder? John Kerry, on the day he was chosen as the Democratic nominee in 2004. He raised $5.7 million.

    Now, with just under $20 million raised since October, Ron Paul is poised to be the top fund-raiser in either party for the fourth quarter of 2007. Given all of this good news, the Republican Party should be ecstatic right now. After all, the Republican's candidates have been struggling to raise money all year. Hillary Clinton raised more than twice the amount Giuliani raised last quarter.

    Republicans lost Congressional seats in 2006, and President Bush is one of the most unpopular Presidents in United States history. Everyone knows that the GOP is going to have difficulty winning the 2008 Election. They must certainly be shouting news of Congressman Paul's fund-raising feat from the rooftops!

    With the exception of a few interviews, there has been an incredible lack of media coverage. In fact, both the media and the Republican Party have gone out of their way to ignore and push Ron Paul to the margins. Why is this?

    Some say it's because he is a Libertarian, and not really a bona fied Republican. It is true that, Paul's platform is Libertarian at its core: promoting personal liberty, sound money, and a sane, noninterventionist foreign policy. He certainly does not fit in with the current crop of neo-conservative war-hawks that currently define themselves as Republicans.

    The irony is that Ron Paul lines up with traditional Republican Party values more than any other Presidential candidate. It's the Republican Party, not Ron Paul, who has changed their stripes.

    Isn't the GOP genuinely interested in expanding their support base? Congressman Paul is also gaining popularity across the aisle to the point that many lifelong Democrats are changing their party affiliation to so they can back Paul in the Primaries. One would assume that the GOP would be more than interested in stealing voters from the other side.

    With more than 50,000 Students for Ron Paul members in over 375 Chapters, why not laud this "internet sensation" with praise for getting so many college students involved and interested in politics again? The silence speaks volumes.

    This election isn't about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians. It's about establishment vs. anti-establishment, and Ron Paul is the anti-establishment candidate. He is an outsider, not a Washington insider. He knows how the game is played, but won't play by their rules.

    The GOP would rather lose the election than have a Republican in office that cannot be bought or controlled by special interests. Dr. Paul threatens the current power structure, where politicians sell their influence to the lobbyists for the highest bid.

    Ron Paul does not know how to throw a fight ... He won't go down in the fourth round. This, no doubt, must have them scared. Why else would FOX News, the lap-dog for the Republican Party, try to exclude Ron Paul from their last televised event before the New Hampshire Primary? Perhaps they've realized that, if given the opportunity, he will undoubtedly affect droves more with his campaign. Freedom, it seems, is contagious ...''


    Posted by John Hoover on 1/24/08 @ 5:03 PM NA

    ``Ron Paul just had another great fund raising day this week. He was able to raise 1.85 million in 24 hours at an average of $78.00 per donation!

    While this isn't as large as the earlier money bombs it is still well above what the other Republican candidates are raising.''


    ARTICLE from The Evening Bulletin, PA, 1-23-08,

    By Joe Murray, The Bulletin

    ``Paul Views PATRIOT Act As Modern Jim Crow

    Ron Paul, along with presidential candidates in both parties, spent the better part of Monday [1-21-08] trying to invoke the image and ideals of Martin Luther King Jr.

    In one of the more creative invocations, Dr. Paul used Dr. King's message of freedom to shine a light on the impact the USA PATRIOT Act has had on Dr. King's vision of freedom.

    "The fight for freedom - the preservation of our civil rights - is the fight of our lives," stated Dr. Paul. "Sadly, after Dr. King's passing we are faced with a violation of our civil rights in the same vein as Jim Crow: The PATRIOT Act -- I have stood against this and all unconstitutional violations of American's civil rights and will continue Dr. King's charge as president." Dr. Paul went on to express disappointment over President George W. Bush's treatment of civil liberties ...

    Paul Still Able To Detonate The Bomb

    While the money bomb may not have the same kick as it did a month ago, Ron Paul's supporters still raised $1.8 million for the Texas Congressman in a 24-hour period.

    The fundraising campaign saw 5,200 first time donors contribute to the campaign.

    "Freedom is indeed a powerful message," said campaign chairman Kent Snyder.''


    Ron Paul 2008 -- Hope for America -- Donate now

    We have more than an election to win. We have a country to save. Sincerely, Ron Paul


    [Nymex oil futures peaked at an intraday high of $78.40 on July 14 [2006] but averaged $66.25 for the year, compared with $56.70 in 2005 and $41.47 in 2004 ...


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 10-17-07, by John Wilen, Associated Press

    ``NEW YORK -- Oil futures rallied to a new intraday record above $88 a barrel on Tuesday [10-16-07] amid concerns about disruptions to Middle Eastern crude supplies ... Traders are concerned that a Turkish incursion into Iraq in search of Kurdish rebels could disrupt crude supplies from northern Iraq ...

    Light, sweet crude for November delivery rose $1.48 to settle at a record $87.61 a barrel. Earlier, prices rose as high as $88.20, a trading record ...''


    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 10-19-07,

    by John Wilen, Associated Press

    ``NEW YORK -- Oil prices surpassed $90 a barrel for the first time Thursday [10-18-07] ... Light, sweet crude for November delivery hit $90.02 ... Thursday was the fifth day in a row crude prices have set new records ...''

    {The Oil Gang goes laughing to the bank.}]

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