Brent Betts chosen principal for new elementary school

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NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 10-17-01, By Mike Ferrari

``AVON -- When he helped lead the Avon Eagles to a 12-1 football season in 1996 he knew what he wanted from that point forward.

Three years later, Brent Betts began working as the full-time athletic director for Avon High School, and recently was selected as principal of the new elementary school that is being built on Detroit Road.

Betts graduated from Bowling Green State University with a business education degree and computer certificate in 1989 ...

Betts will begin his tenure as principal on Aug. 1 of 2002 when the school officially opens. His term will last through July 31, 2004. He is in the process of earning his masters degree in education and his administrational certificate from Ashland University, as both will be completed by December of this year.

"I'm excited because this is a great opportunity for me and my family, Betts said. My goal when I came here (Avon School District) was to stay in this city."

After his two year term coaching the Avon Eagles in 96 and 97 Betts built a home in Avon. Betts, originally from Hicksville, Ohio, a small town on the border of Ohio and Indiana, has been married to his wife Debbie for over 11 years.

The couple has two children, Jacob, 7, and Regan, 4.

Betts said discussion about taking the position has been ongoing for several months, as he noted that he put his name in the hat for the Avon High School principal position that was open before the 2001 school year.

"We have been talking about it for a while," Betts said of the discussion about being principal at the new school. "It has been a conversation piece for some time."

Brent Betts, New Avon Elementary School Principal, PRESS photo

Though he is excited about becoming the new principal, he mentioned that he is going to miss being involved with athletics.

"I've been coaching since 1990 and there is a part of me that will miss that, Betts said. In one capacity or another you'll still see me around sporting events though."

He mentioned that he doesn't think of himself as the most important part of the new school, even though being principal carries a great deal of responsibility.

"I don't consider myself as the main part of the new school," Betts said. "This is for the students and parents and I will support all of those people. I will be there to make sure things go smoothly."

"I definitely, in everything that I do, put the education of the kids first. I will try to create educational opportunities in what I will be doing for the school."

Avon School Superintendent Jim Reitenbach said there were several attributes that made the decision easy to name him as the new principal ...

"He is totally committed to education and understands the mission of the district. He is a professional educator who is committed to becoming an excellent principal and he possesses excellent communication skills." ''

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