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NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 6-2-99, By JoAnne Easterday

"The ballots are cast. The election complete. The story may be over regarding the outcome for Avon Commons or Avon Business Park, but ... Gerald Phillips may have to answer to allegations that he "submitted 'false leads' with the intent of impeding the discovery of the truth."

Assistant County Prosecutor Gerald Innes, representing the Lorain County Board of Elections, ... enumerated bit by bit, in an eleven page "summary of facts" the events involved with Phillips' complaint about the Board of Elections to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Phillips and others [such as Stark/Jacobs lawyer Timothy Grendell] "submitted voluminous 'false leads' with the intent of impeding the discovery of the truth ... That shows they have never intended to allow a fair examination of the evidence. Instead, they have only sought to trick (the board) into some procedural error through which they could prevent the citizens of Avon from voting on this matter," the memorandum said.

Phillips employed a "shotgun" approach. That approach "set forth every possible challenge that could be made without specifically identifying any particular error in the petition," the memorandum said.

Innes asked the court not to reward Phillips [and Grendell] because ... They "should not be rewarded for their dilatory tactics and refusal to cooperate." ...

First Interstate Development President, Mitchell Schneider, still has a court case in the wings regarding Phillips making false accusations regarding his business and Avon Commons ..."

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